CCC: The Last Ship Of Salvation

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The mode of worship and tenet of Celestial Church of Christ, CCC is spiritually inclined and Divinely inspirational. The name of the church speaks for itself. Celestial Church of Christ: A Holy Church descended from heaven above for the salvation of mankind.

The ways of worship, the hymnals and prayer style is not inculcated by human understanding. Rather it is through Divine inspiration from God.

Being a member of the last ship of salvation {Celestial Church of Christ} is a great privilege because the covenant instructed by God in his word “Touch not my anointed and Do my prophet No harm” 1st Chronicles 16:22, Psa.105:15 is being accomplished in the Life of every member.

That is why the Glory of God radiates around the true Celestial church members.

-Femi Eromosele Gabriel Obinyan

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