CCC Leadership Tussle: Even Within A Caucus, There Is Still No Unification

February 2, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

cele-logoSince the death of Papa SBJ Oshoffa, Celestial Church of Christ has been ridden in series of crises with the number one position of the church being top on the list.

This is a church that has blessed us all and the only way we can appreciate God for giving us LULI is by destroying the good foundation of His work sent to the world through Papa SBJO, my dodo members of CCC. (Jeremiah 2:6-8).

More than 10 men are now laying claims to the pastoral seat that is causing this disunity for the past 32 years. None of the so called ‘pastors’ seems to be concerned about the situation of the church. None has ever thought of making provision for the growth of the church which include the welfare of the clergymen or their families. All they do is to sell anointment home and abroad and live large while the sheep they lord over are pallid and malnourished.

Even within a caucus, there is still no uniformity and I sometime wonder what exactly is our problem? If Ketu is fighting Ketu, Baba Maforikan’s caucus too is divided, then tell me what exactly we are fighting for? Salvation of Christ to the people or salvation of food to the belle? This should be about Christ, anything outside it is materialistic and we, as followers of Christ, should distance ourselves from it. We lack wisdom and I am sure God has made it so.

Are they teaching the word? What quality of word are they imparting into the church and her youth? 2 Timothy 2: 14 says “Remind the believers of these things, charging them before God to avoid quarreling over words; this is in no way profitable, and leads its listeners to ruin.”

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SBJO Vindicated

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