CCC Members Call Out Rev EMF Oshoffa’s Kangaroo MPIC, Media

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Members of the church from various platforms thumbed down the overzealousness of the man handling the media department of the church.

Below are various opinions from different Celestial Church platforms;

“I’m sure of one thing that Evang. AJala go soon recieve his own breakfast from the pastor and his brothers, the position still de shark am now, let him as the man with blue cap, small time now, Benji go come tell am the  history of his (Evang Ajala) life, and more so I am sure when they get to court dey will deny Baba Ajala say na him choose to do wetin him like and not the position of EMF.”

“What the inclusion of Evang Kunle Hamilton’s ministry on the PIC release means is that Cyber Ministries can now have their own harvest…Our leaders are laying bad precedence…Nothing concerns me with  MPIC but why is the leadership laying bad precedence, why?

The same thing happened at the interment of Late Adetiran where Mama Ajayi was allowed to hold the microphone like an officiating minister, a woman for that matter (a rich woman anyways).

How do our elders intend to correct women who are usurping clergy roles at parish levels when the offenders also see their own errors too? When did we start allowing iregbe at the interment in CCC? Isn’t the sermoner suppose to be the one to deliver a message? When did we start turning interment service to wake keep service where Omo oloku and friends can talk about the deceased?”

“The error is becoming too much and the younger generation who knows nothing will refer to these errors too because they assume it is correct.”

Why should Mokola, and Ikorodu 1 be missing on this kind of list? Or is the list announcing the parishes of PIC members whose harvest is on Sunday?

Kat Lahr opined that “Precedence exists in humanity as it does with law.”

“Let the leadership restrain from setting a bad precedence. Me I will talk because we have a mandate to do so! Ire o, Kabiti.”

“Ajala can not just be releasing press statement without  MPIC meeting, also he Ajala is not the spokesman of the pastor, the spoke man of the senate is different from that of the presidency, that is how it is in the church, BOT/Pastor and the presidency is the same, MPIC and the senate is the same.”

“Prophet Hamilton was said not to be a member in court; now is a member.
Do they forget Ikorodu 1 arc diocese cathedral having their harvest on the 4th? Is the church now supposed to be on the number 1 list of parishes having their anniversary? This shows how weak, not proactive on their administrative records in that admin office, abi ikorodu 1 tidi Nigeria diocese ni?”
Are the parishes listed here the only parishes celebrating harvest in September and October?

Abi Boda Kayode ti ngba owo advert ni?
But I thought they deny the inclusion of DKH as MPIC in court. Now you can see that it is a leadership of error liars, deceit, and ungodly men ruling the church of God. It was posted here yesterday that Shaddavile is not a parish but they have confirmed its harvest day. Dear CNO Nationals, e ma sora fiun Ijoba EMF ooo, Ijoba iro anti eke ni, Ijoba jakuda ati bilisi ni. Ijoba ti koni Emi Olorun ninu. Ijoba alase ibi giga…hope you are all seeing it.”


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One response to “CCC Members Call Out Rev EMF Oshoffa’s Kangaroo MPIC, Media”

  1. Susan says:

    But this same PraiseVille did Junevile Harvest nauuu

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