CCC Members: Habits To Do Away With In The Course Of Thanksgiving

May 30, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Church Build-up / Add Comment »


According to a common proverb, if you give someone a goat as a present, they must throw away the rope afterwards. Many of the individuals in the church today, on the other hand, would not let go of the rope. It’s very depressing that many individuals squander money or resources because they think it’s Thanksgiving.

We should not consider ourselves to be wiser than God, who created us and knows what is best for us. Many people have caused a slew of issues in their life by trying to know how everything is done or should be done in God’s house.

Some individuals will be given a message to use a cross as Thanksgiving, and after Thanksgiving, they will be asked to utilize the cross right away, even though there are plenty on the ground. When their cross is not utilized as urgently as they desire, many choose offences, and some even go to great lengths to retain enmity with parish shepherds, allowing the shepherd’s thinking to become a barrier to their seeking prayers to be granted by God.

You can’t be smarter than God, and the shepherd knows what to do and how to do it so that your cross might be used for gratitude. The shepherd may opt to donate it to other tiny parishes with fewer resources.

Don’t inquire about how your Thanksgiving supplies or materials were used in the Lord’s home. As a celestial, this is a poor habit you should break. You have no title to anything you bring to God as thankfulness, and it is not yours. For our miracles to happen, we must let go of this mindset.


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