CCC Has Not Taken A Stand On Relevant National Issues- Sup. Evang. (Bar.) Famakinwa

April 25, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 1 Comment »

Celestial Church of Christ, even as a spiritual church, is expected to play a role in promoting public deliberation/opinion in Nigeria but we are seriously censured in this area as the attitude we show has not earned us that desired respect in the government unlike other denominations who are regarded worthy.

During the time of our late founder, SBJ Oshoffa, he was a non-partisan in national issues and he was always given accurate visions to the powers that be on what would happen tomorrow, most of these prophesies have all come to pass.

This might have led this advocate of law, Sup. Evang. Olawole Famakinwa to have put this opinion in the comment box of the Presidential Meal article where SBJ and his formidable team were at the government house having meal with the then Head of States, General Olusegun Obasanjo.

Hear him, “The CCC at this time is engaged in an internecine and fratricidal civil war. This has prevented us from being able to occupy our rightful place in CAN and Nigeria in general. Since when have we commented on matters of national interest? There have been killings of Christians in the North. Destruction of, at least one, CCC Parish in the North. Our church has not taken a stand on these relevant matters. If care is not taken we shall become moribund in the thinking of those who are not members and who have great expectations of the church. As a spiritual church we need to be able to give predictions for the year ahead. Give assurances to the nation that the Lord continues to be interested in the affairs of Nigerian and Nigerians.

I recall the days when late Superior Evangelist S.O. Akande and Snr. Evangelist Mathew Olatosho Oschoffa would attend events held in Aso Rock. Why are we no longer invited? We need to clean up our act. It’s very unlikely we would get an invitation at this time that the EFCC must examine our books and financial practices.

We have members of our church in the corridors of power in the Villa. A friend of mine is Special Senior Adviser in the Presidency and he is an active member of the church. Many more.

Our church is looking at its navel, not looking up. We are not looking after the flock of Christ. Our leaders and Shepherds are taking care of themselves alone, At the expense of members of the congregation who provide the funds now allegedly being squandered and mismanaged by our leaders. It cannot go on like this.

Of course Baba Obasanjo is a relative of the Pastor Founder. so also was Queen Esthers husband an in law to Mordeca, Esthers Uncle. Daniel was a staff of the Palace when the King acknowledged that the God of Prophet Daniel was the greatest and worthy of worship by everyone across the known world at the time. The Pastor Founder is the greatest thing that has happened to our Church. We do not want Saint SBJ Oschoffa to be last good thing in our church.

Our leaders must extricate themselves from every moral and financial laxity. It is not too late.”

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One response to “CCC Has Not Taken A Stand On Relevant National Issues- Sup. Evang. (Bar.) Famakinwa”

  1. Superior Evangelist Alphonsus Aihonsu says:

    Hhhhhhmmmmm, “Ten Kings Ten Seasons”
    That is the era we should emulate, the laid foundation to maintain but unfortunately that is not the case. Caution and integrity were thrown out of the window immediately after the demise of the enigmatic and charismatic Pastor Founder. He had been betrayed right from his lifetime but he managed them being a compassionate individual. The Blue Book (CCC assumed constitution) documents it that Papa was sceptical of coming to Nigeria because, citizens here were too forward and faster than normal. They that were his ‘trusteds’ then did not key into his mission but his position hence the various fractions and factions. Pastoral position is neither by seniority nor hereditary but these had been the two yardsticks to date. I am not too much surprised because those that wined and dined with Jesus Christ featured less after Him compared to Paul Apostle that was against Him and His teachings then.

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