CCC OSUSTECH Students Parish, Okitipupa, Ondo State Acquires Land For Service

April 13, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 4 Comments »

They are doing wonderfully well trying to propagate the word of Christ in Celestial Church of Christ. These young Celestial Church students who have taxed themselves to acquire a plot of land to erect Celestial Altar need our help to start the foundation of the campus parish.

Bro Elijah Daniel, president of CCCOSP, said he had written a letter of support to the apex body of the church at Ketu but their letter has not seen the light of the day neither have they received any response about it from Ketu.

“What is painful is that, we see students from other denominations getting massive supports from their churches, erecting building with latest musical set while we worship God of Celestial in our classroom. But because of our strong faith in God of Celestial, we decided to donate towards a cause of getting a plot of land and we used our feeding money to get this land but we are now left with how to develop it and make it a Celestial worship centre that will stand a test of time,” their president, Elijah said.

This is a big challenge to us all. We have lost a lot of our youth to other denominations because we lack proper structure in church planting but for these oracles of God in Celestial, they are determined to stay in Celestial Church and make a difference. Now what do you have to support them with? Nothing is too small. Over to you!

Account Details:

CCC OSUSTECH Student Parish

Account Number: 3091033041

Bank Name: First Bank

Account Type: Saving

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4 responses to “CCC OSUSTECH Students Parish, Okitipupa, Ondo State Acquires Land For Service”

  1. Jare says:

    Alagba Famakinwa, make no mistakes talking to any Demola. That guy is a rogue, nonentity and has no fear of God in him. He’s impregnanting those youth and molesting them in the name of GTG. This is a guy sent out of an parish in London, tI’ll date he can not enter the parish because of his wayward lifestyle and sense of greed . Do you know he calls himself pastor to a lot of these people that Oshoffa was referring to him as the man Holy spirit will chose. Don’t waste your time Alagba Famakinwa, there is no elder or youth leader to lead this people, God should quick intervene. He will keep different girls in different room in the name of doing special work for them. Do you even know that he has three wives? That’s is not a leader to emulate. A lot of people know him, they are only afraid to talk because of being insulted because he has his group of boys who do ditry jobs for him. Youth leader my foot!

  2. AKINKUNMI Joseph Tosin says:

    I want to use this platform to appreciate and congratulate you on the good works you have just started, for building a temple for God; by purchasing a piece of land for this project. It is my prayer that Almighty God will help you through from start to completion. I am seriously interested in this project, by contributing my professional assistance in the provision of Civil/Structural Engineering Design and working drawings.
    These are my details:
    Mobile No: 08058887559
    Best regards
    AKINKUNMI Joseph Tosin

  3. AKINKUNMI Joseph Tosin says:

    I am using this platform to appreciate and congratulate you for the good works that you just started by acquiring a piece of land for the house of God. The Almighty God with be with you and help you. I will be ever willing and ready to support this Kingdom project through the provision of my professional assistance as a civil/structural engineer. I love to do the structural engineering design and drawings free of charge. My contact details are 08058887559 and
    Best regards
    AKINKUNMI Joseph Tosin

  4. Sup Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    I would like to commend the Students of OSUSTECH on their ability to acquire a plot of land, from their lean reasources. God is not unmindful of the sacrifice they are making for future students who will come to worship in the Worship Centre.
    I read the. excellent letter requesting financial assistance. This letter should have included the bank account details which I found in another part of the article. PUt the account details in the letter. I intend to contribute my own token towards this building. I enjoin all lovers of the progress of Gods Kingdom work to donate to this worthy project. The Lord will build a mansion in heaven for participants in this project. Amen.
    Writing to Ketu was very appropriate. Expecting an acknowledgement of your letter or financial support from Ketu was an optimistic dream too far. Our Church does not support church planting. However when the building is ready and membership thriving, Ketu will ask for the Pastor share (ipin) on a regular basis. The least Ketu should have done, if they are pleading poverty was to reply the letter requesting financial assistance and to pray for the Students Parish. Ketu should have sent a copy of the letter to the District Evangelist in close proximity to the Students Parish instructing the District Evangelist to give both moral and financial support. The District Evangelist may devote a share of his Ipin to be a seed planted in the Students Parish. He can lend other valuable leadership and mentoring assistance. I believe the letter from the Students Parish will not see the light of day or any action. It is either gathering dust in a cupboard or been thrown in the dust bin. This is a shame on the Admin Staff of the Pastor’s Office. It is very demoralizing for the Youth of tomorrow!
    I intend to speak with a very dynamic CCC Youth leade named Bro. Demola Bolaji of the Greater Tomorrow group for his thoughts and assistance. He should actively invkved in this Students Parish and all other Students Parishes. This should be Bro Ademola’s constituency.
    I am aware that there is a CCC Youth and Training Team led by Profesdir Uwart. What is their role. I would suggest the Students Parish finds this man and his team for support. The Youth is the future of CCC if they are going to drift to RCCG, Winners Chaple, Mountain of Fire. These other church’s actively support church planting and Youth Development. The CCC does not. I stand to be corrected.
    Finally, I suggest that the Students Parish divide the project into handful stages and proceed accordingly. Find out how many blocks, sand, iron rods and bags of cement will do the foundation. Ask local Parishes to support you with this so you do not lose the plot of land. Little drops of water will become your large ocean in Jesus name. Amen.

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