CCC Prophets: Taking Advantage Of Female Members With Prophesies

July 12, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

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Prophets are the eyes and sight of the Church but now most prophets are using their position and power or gift given to them by God to take advantage of most female members in the church.

Most female members in Celestial Church often tell people or other denominations that Celestial Church prophets are not what they seem to be, because most prophets in Celestial Church often take advantage of being a prophet to date or have sexual intercourse with them in other for them to be set free from their bondage. The girls too, some of them are gullible.

Many women in Celestial Church are dying in silence because most prophets have threatened them not to reveal their secrets because of what they have told them, the result if they reveal it may be death. Some prophets even use some fetish spiritual work to marry some of these ladies and control them at will.

These kinds of prophets in CCC have painted many good prophets in Celestial Church black. Real Shepherds in Celestial Church need to work in harmony to flush out these bad eggs among the good ones in the church because the image of the church is what matters most.

It has come to the stage that most of these ladies are afraid of many prophets in CCC, this is one of the major reasons most people don’t believe the spiritual messages of some prophets again, especially when they’re told to come for protection in the church.

What have Celestial Church prophets turned into nowadays? Our Leaders need to work towards this for them to wipe the evil prophets out of Celestial Church.


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