CCC Shepherd Should Not Work Or Pick Up A Job For The Following Reasons

November 13, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Give & Take / Add Comment »

Celestial Church of Christ is totally different from the other denominations. We are a separated nation, and this was cleared by SBJ Oshoffa when he was telling the elders then. We will miss many hidden things about the promise of the chosen if we use the blessings of Ismael, Zimran, and his five brothers to judge the blessings God bestowed on Isaac.

God never assigned work to the Levites and Priests. He gave them His books for them to teach the remaining eleven tribes of Israel. The message Paul was given about doing work wasn’t for the priests; it was for the remaining tribes. Many ministers of God have misled many people. I know at least three people that God told they shouldn’t work in any establishment, and I know one who obeyed this and is now one of the best shepherds and preachers of our time.

For those that are called after, they might have been working or have company, etc., but that doesn’t mean they should abandon their business, and they don’t have to be there as workers (with mufti).

A shepherd cannot work part-time in Celestial Church. Celestial Church of Christ is a garden of God, calling people outside to enjoy the blessings therein. SBJ Oshoffa immediately stopped the carpentry and ebony work. When Paul the Apostle was called, he abandoned the tent-making job, and men were employed to manage. Peter, his brother, and two others never went fishing again.

Some people won’t be blessed until they start working for God as shepherds. He must have some spiritual understanding if he says you must have something to do. Baba Bada left his former work when he saw the glory of Celestial Church. If God can endow unlearned (western education) people with the ability to read and do extraordinary things, all of the elect, regardless of denomination, will do extraordinary things.

I would have mentioned those who are doing great without doing any work, and God Himself instructed them not to do any job. Reinhard Bonnke never had a job, but God used him and blessed him greatly. Prophet Samuel never had any work.

Like all these revealed to me, should I say God is impartial? No, He is perfect. God, yes, I know my call and have heard from Him clearly, but I am still working for His final word, which many people failed to wait for. He made an incorrect statement; it was not mandatory; you must have a job. Faith and work, Jacob said, are always misinterpreted by many pastors and ministers.

If a shepherd received a genuine call, God would undoubtedly provide for all of his needs. We should not allow human explanations to mislead us. Let’s take note!

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