CCC-UK Needs To Put Its House Together- Olawole Famakinwa

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Sup. Evang. Olawole Famakinwa, lawyer, member of MPIC and chairman, International Management Committee, an independent body saddled to monitor the activities of Celestial and Celestians all over the globe instituted by the late founder, SBJ Oshoffa in 1993.

The highly intellectual and vocal clergy has spoken out about the disunity of Celestial Church of Christ in the United Kingdom, CCC-UK and appealed to all factions to embrace peace that will bring the church under a united body. Well, my take is that, these people should not unite, they should continue to disrupt the work of God in the church, anyone who does that will equally have God disrupting his or her life too. It’s law of Karma.

Hear Famakinwa, “The CCC in the UK needs to put its house in order. The Oschoffa side must reach out to the other members of the CCC factions. We did that successfully during the London Unity Conference. However, ego, self interest and jockeying for a none existent post in the UK Diocese is stifling the unity of CCC-UK. I am aware that His Eminence Pastor on his most recent trip has appointed a six member team to look for and suggest a candidate to lead his faction of the Church in the UK. I hope a younger new hand is appointed who has no skeletons in his cupboard to lead the church in London. Anything short of this will have been an exercise in futility and a propagation of the status quo. Let us return to the Communique of the recent CCC Unity Conference in London. It is a good starting point.

Whatever happens in future I strongly believe that the Unity of Celestial Church of Christ worldwide will start in London. By fire, by force. In Jesus name. Amen”Olawole Famakinwa

3 responses to “CCC-UK Needs To Put Its House Together- Olawole Famakinwa”

  1. Olasunkanmi Oshin says:

    You said it all,a house divided within will fall,the more we allowed people of questionable characters to become overnight shepherd’s. Using the name of our great church for personal gains with criminal activities and exploiting vulnerable parishioners without anyone to cross these elements, definitely we have a long way to go to achieved this goal. UK /NI diocese can become one if our elders can implements a drafted constitution of 2009 and the communique of the CCC unity conference in London, by implementing both there will be a way forward for this great church in UK.
    Yes His Eminence Pastor appointed six or twelve team to look for a suitable candidate to lead us in UK in which I am a member, but our pastor and his team are the main problems we facing I this part of the world. Until they stopped behaving like a tax collector’s and parishes, to stop their pretentiousness, self righteous with hypocritical personality, the truth will prevailed and the glory of God will manifest within our diocese and Celestial Church of Christ worldwide. We can’t continue scaring away from the truth and continues encouraging fraudulent individuals and groups to expect God intervention, God can’t be mocked,mockery of the name of Celestial Church of Christ has to stop before it is too late, we are just a laughing stock to the authorities in England.

  2. Houndeyin Francis says:

    I was a witness to the Unity Conference that was derailed by a section of ‘Oschoffa’s faction’, prominent amidst them were Baba Fatusin, Baba Fadoju, Prophet Olumide Lawson, to mention a few. Also a witness to the pronuncement of the Joint Celestial and C&S Crusade, by Baba Fatusin during the sermon at Greater London Parish.
    Probably it needs to be brought to the public knowledge that the LONDON UNITY CONFERENCE hereby reffered to was jointly accepted by all factions woth no allegiance to a particular faction. Its base starting point point was UK/NI Diocese was one under Baba Ajose and thereby we should all go back to that regime. Baba Magbagbeola ( recently joined the saints), one of the 3 pillars of CCC in UK/NI Diocese in his remark said ‘if you, the organising committee is truly into unity of all factions and not factional, it shall be ok’. The organising committee did not invite any factional head (pastor) then to the conference but surprisingly Revd Mobiyina was brought into the venue and this sent very wrong message, probably deception and betrayal to other factions present. Baba Fatusin DID SIGN the communique but he is now denying that fact and thereby said he was not authorised to attendvtge meetinh by his boss – Rev Mobiyina. The main question then is, why did he attend despite the factvthat the organising committee stressed it that, ‘this unity committee has no allegiance to any factional head or pastor but the calling of Papa Oschoffa and unity of the church in UK/NI Diocese during Baba Ajose era.
    Therefore, I could deduce that Baba Fatusin is only now trying to right the wrong done then but he should note that he does not have the sole authority and control over CCC UK /NI Diocese in general, jyst a subsection of Oschoffa’s faction. Therefore there is need for him to unite all factions first before anything. I rest my case for now

    • Sup Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

      Thank you very much for reminding us of the activities of Baba Fatusin and Baba Fadoju in trying to derail the Stakeholders Conference held st CCC Elephant and Castle Parish. Baba Fatusin had informed that he would be leaving the meeting to meet the Pastor who was arriving in the UK that day. He would then proceed to the National Headquarters at Harton Street to be formally welcomed. Lo and behold, His Eminence was deliberately brought to the venue of the Stakeholders Conference to interrupt the proceedings. The Holy Spirit and maturity prevailed on the day.
      All we want in the UK is the love and Unity like in the days when Rev P. H. Ajose was our head of Diocese. That is not too much to wish for.

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