CCC: United We Stand, Divided Yet We Stand

April 12, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 4 Comments »

Let me quickly remind you that I am a bonafide member of this Church, Celestial Church of Christ and ordinarily as a journalist and public watchdog, I must not shy away from the truth. There are so many factions within the body of Celestial Church; I can categorically say I belong to none but the authentic stool of Papa SBJ Oshoffa which resides in Port-Novo, Ketu and Imeko.

But, I have an issue with the people at Ketu, they are self-centred, deceptive and full of mischief. They know this but want someone to tell them (Eni buru mo, eni ti o fe so fun lo n wa). For me as a person, I am not afraid of the truth, because the Bible itself says,  the truth you know shall set you free. A lot of followers of Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa are not free, they know the truth but they cannot speak it, they groan but keep mute because they don’t want to be transferred to sterile parish; for them, the fear of certain sect of officials is the beginning of wisdom ; that’s not true worship of God but mammon. I don’t belong to that class of people.

The problem I am having with the people of Ketu is that, they have so many things they conceal from the people they lord over and this has greatly contributed to the disunity existing in the church today. When all indices or indicators point you in the right direction, the people at the helm of affairs in Ketu will, without batting an eyelid, cajole you to look the other way.

Ketu has therefore become a caucus whereby it is the interest of the ‘powers that be’ that overrides the interest of the people forgetting the fact that the interest of the people is the interest of God. Maybe I should quickly tell you about a vision that was revealed to me a few weeks back; if any of the Pastor’s aides is reading this, they should keep this article for record purposes.

I see fierce storm brewing, I see an authority raising the hand of another, a member of his clan and I see the wrath of God descending because the God of Celestial Church has been grieved and power no longer resides at Ketu leading every parish to aspire to become an authority. The vision you have just read about is but for an appointed time, even though it tarries, like the bridegroom, wait for it.

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4 responses to “CCC: United We Stand, Divided Yet We Stand”

  1. ipee.. (the call) says:

    We know all this but we would have love to read more of your discovery about this so called ketu caucus… Pls be more expanciative and explanatory..

  2. Augustine Lawal says:

    This headline obviously contradicts the word of God (See Matthew 12:25). The article itself is saturated with too much emotion. No facts exist, no reference to the word of God. I suggest the writer takes a course on journalism or at the very least watch videos on YouTube on writing and journalism. As a news source operating under the banner of Celestial Church of Christ this is below mediocrity and unfortunately shames the church.

  3. Jare says:

    They are bunch of nonentities. All of them, Jorothom, Banjo, Oshin, Mobiyina, Tosho, none of them has the interest of the church at heart. What a pity

  4. Idaho Tegha says:

    I beg sir, tell them more…. That truth is what Baba Jorotom told pastor emf Oshoffa but fell on deaf ears. How can house divide against itself just like that of Baba Owodunni and Baba Banjo when the latter betrayed Saint Oshoffa. Have we all forgotten what becomes of Traitors like that of National Bank of Nigeria then? Now JOROTOM vs Dissidents whom TOSHO brought to trustees by one of His sister Yemi Oshoffa now took ketu for his insurance company and what a pity that same Pius had started plotting the removal of Rector Adegoke of Seminary trying to plant His own there again. Those evil consult at Badary against Jorotom is known to all CCC worldwide.Nothing will happen to Jorotom as your evil plan is exposed. He dined and knows all your antics. Cant you all be shameful that most celestians wore whites and you kept on plotting against innocent people? Shodunke of agidigbi and many others like Afiz Kiki blackmailing Baba Oshin of supporting Jorotom. What was your position 4 years ago in your Badagry parish? What led you there but were silence now due to Mokola transfer and juicy places?

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