Celestial At 69: I Weep For My Church….-Deborah Oshoffa

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cele-69Congratulations Celestial home and abroad for the celebration of the birth of this glorious church. No doubt, we have come a long way and I believe a man of 69 is really of age and gradually moving to the grave. For the church to have still held sway inspite of all the missiles within and outside there is no gainsaying there is a purpose of its existence. May God give us the grace to see the glory ahead of us!

Well, one of the daughters of the founder, SBJ Oshoffa, Arewa Deborahn Gbolasere posted a piece on her facebook wall and I thought it’s something we all need to read and hark back to.

“We have a godly heritage but the glory of our heritage is ONE…..Rev SBJ Oshoffa, my father, who I am so proud of, received the call on May 23rd the day of LULI but wasn’t given a commission to establish a church till 29th September when a name was given through a divine revelation. CCC, ECC was not the thought of man but God. 69 today? What have we been able to build on the foundation the Founder laid? Also, what’s the fate of the great men and women who have sown and made so many sacrifices for our beloved church? It is just a pity, CCC has likened to an Animal Farm story of George Orwel where some are mini gods. I weep for my church. Ranks, money, positions, worldly things have taken over the mission of this great church and that has made our leaders lose their sense of reasoning and vision. What still keep so many in the church are those former and glorious testimonies we have witnessed in CCC.

We need selfless drives that will bring positive turn around for CCC, we want to build schools, hospitals, do more evangelism that is devoid of self-glorification and appraisals. I look forward to a CCC with a central control of leadership, where miracles abound.

We all have in one way or the other put CCC in the state we find ourselves .Happy 69th anniversary, the church of my birth, I have nowhere to go, I just want a better Celestial, the Celestial our parents laboured for….oni ipinle ti fi ipinle le le, ewo ni ohun mole. Ijo Mimo lati Orun wa, ose owon funmi….”

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  1. Edythe Giroux says:

    To the celestialnewsonline.com webmaster, You always provide clear explanations and definitions.

  2. Jillian Bandy says:

    To the celestialnewsonline.com owner, Your posts are always well-delivered and engaging.

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