Celestial Church At 70: Disunity May Take Shine Off Celebrations

January 7, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / Add Comment »

celestial-women-voiceShortly after the story we posted a few weeks ago concerning the moves of the authority in Ketu to bring the church under one body for the sake of the forthcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations slated for 29th of September, 2017.

To this effect, some members of the people are of the opinion that, as long as 70th anniversary is concerned, it’s the duty of every son and daughter of the church to be a partaker of the event irrespective of faction or fraction.

One of the mails sent to this office has it that “I am aware that committee is set to organise this 70th anniversary. Hhhmmmm, my reservation, though. Jubilee Celebrations is aimed at rejoicing for the achievements to date, what are these? Is it the white elephant structure at Imeko, dilapidated buildings at Ketu or the moribund seminary at Km 35?

The church administration does not have the foresight of archiving spiritual artifacts for posterity sake. Have they forgotten why God gave Moses a very sound assignment? Ex.12:26. No wonder the youths are trooping out in droves. My reservation goes further on the appointment of the Peace Committee members to broker peace. The idea is good but the management of it is out of place. Since it’s a Celestial church event, every representative from each faction must be involved.”

Well, obviously the sender of this mail didn’t know about new development, Ketu, the apex body of the church worldwide, has added to the advancement of the church in recent times, Luli Concert, Imeko Pilgrimage, the new office complex, the development of new International headquarters Parish, to mention but a few. It was also reported by us that they have constituted a committee that will bring the warring parties together. It’s when we have a united body then we can talk about the Platinum Jubilee celebration. My opinion though.


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