Does Celestial Church Belong To A Particular Tribe? What’s Your Opinion?

December 15, 2016 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 5 Comments »

marvin-kennyMarvin Kenny is based India, he’s one of the guys who are propagating the good work of God about the church in that part of the world. He shares his experience about how a lady queried him about his love for his church, Celestial Church of Christ.

“A lady once asked me how I cope been a Celestian when I don’t speak Yoruba, I simply told her to go and ask my parents. Celestial Church of Christ does not belong to a particular tribe but to God and for everyone who is willing to worship in it irrespective of their skin color or tribe. Lastly let me correct some of you that there is nothing like ‘I am a born Celestian’ just because your parents gave birth to you as members. But once you are baptized into it and you keep to the tenets, you are already born to it and that makes you a bonafide member just like everyone of us. To achieve oneness there mute be love and for love to prevail we need to say ‘NO’ to all forms of discrimination in Celestial Church of Christ. God bless you.”

5 responses to “Does Celestial Church Belong To A Particular Tribe? What’s Your Opinion?”

  1. olly says:

    Frank talk, is a church of Christ and for all nations irrespective of tribe, tongue or color

  2. temidire says:

    Well done dear brother in Christ Baba asagbara dotun

  3. Olaoluwapo says:

    Well Said

  4. Adehandsome says:

    woww,that my boss cherish ur knowledge sir.God uplift U

  5. kenisha says:

    Lovely so proud of u

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