Celestial Church Building Sold To RCCG Echoes ‘JerimoYaMah’ Every Sunday Service (Photo)

September 13, 2016 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 18 Comments »

The new occupant of a building once used by Celestial Church of Christ, Oluwa Olubukun Transmission Parish built by Monday John Odiye, the popular Transmission who was popularly referred to as ‘Governor of Ikeja, is facing an insurmountable challenge of making appropriate use of the church from the first day of acquiring the property from Monday Odiye who sold the church when he got converted as Redeemed member.

The building situated at 25 Shola Martins New Oko-Oba area of Lagos has been taken over by a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God for about 15 years, well that is not the story here, but the curiosity of inhabitants of the street which also have other RCCG parishes around was drawn to the scanty attendance of worshipers in the said parish, which cannot be compared with any other Church of the same family within the vicinity.

The most unbelievable news coming from the building housing the Parish is that of Celestial Church worship song,’JerimoYaMah’ which is always audibly heard every Sunday morning during the service of RCCG at exactly few minutes past 10. This occurrence, which sources say has been brought to the ears of the authority of RCCG, has left everyone from both sides speechless.

It is believed that the governitransmission-rccgng body of RCCG has instructed that the parish should move out of the place and return the property back to CCC. It was gathered that the present occupant experiencing this mysterious encounter contacted the shepherd that last headed the Transmission Parish, Sup. Evang. Xtopher  Gbagidi who was said to have prayed and sanctify the worship centre for RCCG then the JerimoYaMah song seems to have stopped. However, in a telephone conversation with the Shepherd, Oluso Gbagidi said he never went there to pray for them as rumnoured but he was intimated about RCCG’s plan to return the church to its original owner.

Celestialnewsonline (CNO) visited the place last Sunday, it was discovered that the dove logo of RCCG is still very visible on the walls of the building but it’s not really established if RCCG still operates that branch of the church because of the unpalatable experience.

As people are left wondering what the mystery is all about, we feel from the look of things, it seems clear that it is only Celestial Church of Christ alone that can conveniently operate a church service from the property since the owner who sold it went against the doctrine of the church and sold without the authorization of the Headquarters of the church to offset his indebtedness to  some financial institutions then.

18 responses to “Celestial Church Building Sold To RCCG Echoes ‘JerimoYaMah’ Every Sunday Service (Photo)”

  1. Olafusi Ayomikun says:

    This is just to say CCC is a Divine Church from Heaven above….. Halleluyah!

  2. Michael says:

    ijo mimo temi lato run lotiwa
    awon to sin ni be
    ninu imole lowa
    am proud of my church
    celestial church of Christ

  3. Woli Titilayo Ayoola says:

    Olu ljo mimo moyin o Ogun Ti Mo GBE de ljo CCC Ogun Lori OMO Olorun Osofa GBE Ogun na mi l not a member of CCC but l know Power Of God is working in CCC Olorun ijo mimo Mo yin o O se baba

  4. liz Ebony Angel says:

    This is to tell you how real the church is and should not be messed up.

  5. Bello oluwatobi says:

    Ina jesu kose bu omipa carpenter ni baba e, kogba ogbon lowo oyinbo riraOwu baba lofi ranse ijo mimo kole baje lailai i love this great CHURCH

  6. s/w/l olumicheal sammy says:

    God of is real so let blelive in everythings we do an lets keep praying an God Will answer is children

  7. Arinolamy says:

    I was born in this great church,then oneday I was in church for a vigil but I sat outside bcos the vigil was over and everyone was asleep,then suddenly a tot came to my mind bcos of what my friends always say,antagonising the church but that moment I said God I really want to know if your spirit dewells in this church or not but behold,immediately I finished that sentence A CYRSTAL WHITE BIG DOVE APPEARED,I was really scared and it came the second time,I left there to sit somewhere else then it came the third time,then a voice said to me do not be afraid bcos you asked to see me,now you know I AM IS ALWAYS PRESENT HERE. I felt happy and remorsefull for doubting but I tell everyone who cares to know that I have never seen such a big white dove in my life,yet I watch documentaries but known like it. Am a very happy celestian.

  8. Folorunso says:

    @ imole who queted PAPA SBJ OSHOFA’S DOCTOR,may almighty God forgive you.You come to my parish El-Bethel parish ntonson ashanti region Kumasi Ghana and see how people give testimonies to the works of God in thier lives.I personnally call Jehovah God in this great church of Celestial and He answer our prayers.All CCC doctrines are biblical.Even the tenets and doctrine strictly go against cultism so how come?i was in another denomination when God called me in this great church i said:even if i am going to work for God,Not in this ccc.But i was blind but now i can see that CCC is a real church of God. (John 8 : 32 says YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE) Judge not and give judgement to almighty God.

  9. Denrele says:

    All I believe , if ccc is plant by man, it will be uproot, but by God stand on the rock of Christ. Eniyan ko ni agbara lori ijo mimo yi….. Haleluya

  10. imole says:

    Leave that matter. Look for who is Baba folake Mr fapohunda this is oshofa right man. This is oshofa personal doctor. He had a church then and he converted the church to rccg all Bcoz the foundation of the church was laid on atinga cult group from kutonu where the founder belongs ask him what happened immediately osofa gave up the ghost at his ilupeju hospital. Ccc is a synagogue of satan. It’s an occultic group.
    Leave story. How many Ccc churches had been sold to other church. You better search for the truth and don’t get to the gate of heaven and found out that you have been deceived by following a false church, false prophet and false founder. Save your soul Now and get out from that bondage. I tell you those echoing jerimoyamah are demons in highest places.
    No Angel from God will ever come to this filty and dirty church.
    Ask and look for fapounda he will tell you more about the genesis of this church. Ccc is a package church to take people to hell fire

    • Nurudeen. says:

      I didn’t know how you came about the name “Imole ‘ because that is the meaning of my name. The Bible say my people perish for lack of knowledge. I pray at this moment (3:19am) that the LORD of Celestial visit you.

    • Yomi Ekundayo (Celestian) says:

      The Satan has borrowed this man’s tongue. He sounded so fiery and roaring like a lion. But we that were called even in our sleep (myself for example) knows better. There’s no problem God can’t solve in Celestial. What happened to Papa Oschofa is a way of God letting us know that he can use anybody to send His message regardless of age. #2. If He tries to help you and you refused Him, you are on your own no matter what your rank or status is spiritually or socially. As for the child prophetess who is now grown and professional, As long as she remained with God in whatever decision she made she is fine whether in Celestial or not.

  11. Mewoaiye banjo says:

    haleluyah, same thing happen @ CCC p
    APA ajao parish , Musin lagos our formal land is at okesanya street , musin Lagos we are been ask to move away from the land then and we moved to oremeji street to the glory of God , the occupant of our land @ okesanya now use to hear the sound of a bell and he has not been enjoying the land .

  12. Mrs.A.O.Abidakun says:

    God is always doing His work in a mysterious and wonderful ways
    Kabio-osi. (Kabiyesi ).

  13. Okubote Aanuoluwapo Noah says:

    I love this website.. Kudos to the designer and the organising team..
    We the youth organisation in ikorodu area of lagos state are also intending in establishing a Celestial TV station.. Which will be registered under the appropriate board in Nigeria..
    We need partners and sponsors and we will be very happy to partner with Celestial News Online..
    You can reach me by my email and phone number.
    Thank you and God bless

  14. Annonymous says:

    The CCC Parish at Maryland is doing the same.It was built by SAO.A Reputable Engineer

  15. Elitsjohnny says:

    It is clear evidence according the writer that Where the light of God has been spotted to shine to the whole world. Most especially a promised land of God which his altar has been laid down. No other altar will stands again .
    I have also experienced same scenario in my home town Agemowo, Badagry. It happened after demised of this man of God . One day the children decided to dispose the property which isn’t for the family but a property of ccc. The children of this late man of God sold the land to another church. The pastor of that church took the matter to the district headquarters complaining about some strange things they did encountered at night. Sometimes, we could heard sound of people making a perimeter movement round the church. They also observed the church’s bell jingling at 5:30a.m everyday. At end , this church evacuated this church premises now ccc has fully gained ground there. The Name of the church was changed from ccc Anuoluwapo Parish Agemowo 2 now to ccc Luli central Parish. AGE-ERO, Agemowo Badagry.

  16. S/E Omokanye Philip says:

    It is true that the God of Celestial Church never sleep. The CCC is to save lives and make people free from bondage. It must not be seen to be a PLC. (Company) like what is common today. Let d HQ go round all states in Nigeria. for statistics of parishes to help those parish’s in need and close those just using CCC NAME. God bless CCC

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