Celestial Church Can Never Be One, Stop That Imagination- Sam Olu Smile

March 18, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 8 Comments »

Reacting to a story posted by Prophet Fisayo Joel about on Celestial United Family forum, on February 28 at 1:15pm titled, HOW I WISH!, one of the sons of this church Sam Olu Smile too his time to state how the church leadership has collectively destroyed the once-upon-a-time glorious glory of the church.

“Celestial can never become one again, stop that imagination, it can’t come to pass, Celestial  Church is suffering from leadership ‘Kwashiorkor’, your leaders are set of selfish role models, that’s why they fight for the post of pastor all the time so that the anointment money will be in their custody for them to be able to spend it anyhow.

Look at the Board of Trustees; they have turned themselves to be a major faction in Celestial Church all for the sake of money. Look at the case of IMEKO, they have been collecting money for Imeko since when i was young, that was in the 80s, then, there was a certain amount they compelled each district to pay, there was nothing like PROVINCE or CIRCUIT then, it was only the DISTRICT and ZONAL, my question now is, WHERE IS THAT MONEY they have been collecting, since Imeko is yet to be in good shape you told us it’s going to be?

What about our kilometer 35 along Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, we were there before REDEEMED, MOUNTAIN OF FIRE MINISTRY, TARBIORA, CHURCH OF THE LORD (ALADURA) WINNERS CHAPEL etc, instead of them to develop our own land, they have sold it all plot by plot to the remaining portion we have now. Go there and check what is left, and they now built one small ugly building beside the express to cover those land they’ve sold at the back and named it to be Celestial School of Seminary or whatever. Celestial has lost her glory already; to redeem it now will be a herculean task.

All of them, who claim to be pastors, have their hands soiled. Can’t all of them come together under one umbrella and chose one to lead the church instead of all these factions at least for peace to reign? I’m just telling you ironically that Celestians should forget about the unification of Celestial, it can’t work.”

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8 responses to “Celestial Church Can Never Be One, Stop That Imagination- Sam Olu Smile”

  1. Bro. Solomon Falade says:

    Celestial as been one since 1947 till date. All we are passing through is persecution. Persecution for the Salvation of our soul. This is a spiritual Church, not a circular Church. We need to play our part, empower the youth and leave the rest to Jesus. The author and finisher of Celestial Church of Christ. Christ is the Head of the Church. He is the Pastor Founder of the Church. He is alive and lives forever. He is King forever. Have faith Celestials, have focus Celestials, focus on Jesus Christ only. The solution lies in our determination to follow Jesus. Follow Christ. Halleluyah.

  2. Anuoluwapo Adeboyejo Hannah says:

    All we need is to do our part and leave the rest,this is not physical any more but spiritual,celestial is Holy so let us as well be holy as our father in heaven is Holy. Unclean things can not beautiful Holy things,since the un reighteous can’t please God. Our leads need prayer to overcome trails of the devil. It is a prophecy money post and woman,is the upstactle

  3. Dorcas Timothy says:

    with god all things are possible… come to think of it now, we now have a Pastor Rev Ben omoge the man to the throne who brought a land for the celestial church aka( golden city ) along Ibadan express way. we will be having a program their April 7.come and see the god of celestial at work. come and be blessed

  4. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    Where is your faith please? It will be one because nothing is impossible for God. We are praying day and.night for the fulfillment of His covenant and I strongly believe it will come to pass.

  5. Jesutofunmi Celestinah says:

    There is a fact in insane statement but Holy spirit superceeds all human imaginations and philosophies


    To man it seam impossible but with God all things are possible.Celestial Church Of Christ is a Covenant Church.God of covenant don’t change His Covenant.For the covenant to come to fulfilment quickly is a team work from the Pastoral seats to the least members.SONG: IWO LO LOWONBE,IMI LO LOWONBE,BIJO MIMO TI DA LONI GBOGBO WA LALOWONBE.Pls can anybody tell me his or her efforts to make quick unification possible if not the song of you are Paul and I am Apolo we sing at all time? Papa I heard do sing: Baba semi lalatunse 2* mama jenbajoreje o baba semi lalatunse. ONE CELESTIAL!

  7. Olamiji says:

    If anybody is saying celestial cannot not be ONE that means that fellow cannot put his household together and don’t think that person can pastor a church!!

  8. Senior Evangelist Anthony Michael Oyagha says:

    With God and at the right time, the church will come back as one to fulfil God’s designed purpose for which Christ himself founded the church. If God can gather all the scattered house of Israel back as one, bringing Celestial church under one leader, one shepherd, one pastor all under one roof and authority is very possible.

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