Celestial Church Choir Warns Juju Artistes Over Indecent Use Of Cape (Photo)

November 21, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 16 Comments »

bukola-eleyeleI was so elated reading this from a Celestial Choir Group on Facebook, It shows that, the choir themselves know their onions and wouldn’t want anyone, irrespective of his or her social stand, to put the choir cape in jeopardy.

This note of warning is directed to the entire Celestial artistes who sing be it Gospel Juju, pure Juju or otherwise to desist from wearing the choir cape which should be officially restricted within the four walls of the church or Barricade.

Today, you see a lot of Celestial members wearing that cape to take ‘selfie’ even in their various homes; some will go as far as using that cape which is like a garment of honour to the choristers to be used to advertise Juju artiste’s performance here and there. It’s about time we started putting things right, so that we can be right.

“This is not Celestial Church of Christ choir looks… Please tell Nigerian Gospel Juju musicians in Celestial to present CCC choristers decently… We are Celestial choir, we are not artistes. We are worshipers not entertainers. The cape represents glory of CCC choir so if any singer must wear cape please wear it to portray a moderate look on dressing and make up like Celestial chorister not like an artiste…or don’t wear it and present yourself like an artist as you wish.”

The word, I guess, should be enough for the wise….It’s when Imeko approaches that you see a lot of them display all sorts of things, none of them has ever contributed a Kobo to the growth of the church or to the convocation committee for the annual festival, Imeko but they will all want to come and identify with it. Sometimes, I think we need to sleep and cogitate on how we got to this point. Halleluiah!

16 responses to “Celestial Church Choir Warns Juju Artistes Over Indecent Use Of Cape (Photo)”

  1. mide says:

    Well, I see all what some Celestial artist do perform in Imeko every year is a result of no admistation to control them. midegroups@gmail.com

  2. Ibukun Emmanuel says:

    Oluwa loni ijo re ooo

  3. Michael Ayansiji says:

    A word is enough for the wise.

    Quite informative

  4. Seyi Akins. says:

    This can be corrected through the shepherds and the leaders in power .

  5. dami king says:

    pls tell our leaders nt to accept any musician to hv his or her own personal stage at imeko pls tell mega99 segun nabi busola oke and others imeko is nt a party ground pls let us cum together let sing the song of spirit.

  6. IBK highbeekay says:

    we will not keep quiet un till they listen

  7. Lyray says:

    Halleluyah! Please let’s look closely into the way our garments are being worn at movies, quite derogatory i must say! Why should we be ridiculed via their movies! I feel there should be a ban on such too! It’s becoming……… Halleluyah!

  8. BUKOLA ajayi says:

    Is better like DAT

  9. femi says:

    Wow thanks my brother… God of celestial will take control.

  10. Rhonky says:

    I love dat it’s d plain truth may d God of celestial touch our souls

  11. The Corner Stone says:

    Bold Step….Its High Time….GOD Bless C.C.C…….

  12. AHOLU SOLOMON says:

    wow big fact

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