Why Celestial Church of Christ Is Losing Great Men To Pentecostals

May 7, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 2 Comments »

I watched the situation of this great church with keen interest and I can deduce from all indications that some decisions of the authority and attitudes of the members are some of the major factors  that have brought the church under stagnancy for more than 20 years.

In the comity of notable pastors, our church barely has a say, amongst CAN, we have never produced a president, why? Some of the things expected of vibrant Christians are found lacking in our church and our leaders are not thinking along that side.

Do you know that the church under the leadership of Ketu , do not have a proper media section, (none of the so called Pastors does anyway) where information can be disseminated or obtained concerning issues of the church?

Many atimes when we need to make some clarifications, it’s through ‘man-knows-man’ that we got some reactions and it’s always like, ‘I really don’t know about that, I wasn’t with pastor then, well, I am not Baba so-so-so, and I don’t think it’s a good story to write about the church…..” as response we often get from them. For crying out loud! What would it take to have a perfectly working in-house media department? Or if we need to engage the service of a standard PR Agency, what stops the church as a whole from having one?

So many issues had happened that we expected the church to swiftly react to; it is shocking that, days, weeks rolling to months, the church would still not make a comment, but as soon as #CNO reacts on its post, they suddenly wake up from their slumber to start lampooning and labeling us with all shades and manners of tags.

These attitudes and mannerism of our church leaders and the lackadaisical ways of handling issues are things that have caused the church to loose so many forward-thinking great men to Pentecostals. In Lagos alone where we are based, we know a story of Amu of Good News Parish, Alasia, Oshodi area of Lagos, it’s now Good News Bible Church. There is a story of Balogun, a well-known business mogul who manufactures plastic and other allied products somewhere at Oregun area of Lagos. He dumped the Celestial ship and returned to his family religion, Islam when he couldn’t bear the heat anymore while his wives and children became RCCG members.

We all know of  Baba Jolapamo, he now worships with MFM, this man did a lot for this church, he was a genuine pillar of support of the church not some noise maker who are milking the church and claiming to be supporting it whereas it’s a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

We also know the story of Transmission parish which was sold to the Redeem Christian Church of God by Monday John Odiye after his travails in the hand of Abacha/Abdusalam governance. No Single Celestial Church authourity even visited him in Prison. This used to be a man that would send cars to the pastor on the throne that time. During their Adult harvest, the pastor would be at the church as early as 8am and would do Jerimoyamah with them. We can go on and on

There are other instances in other parts of the world that we do not really know much about. What is the church doing about this? All our leaders do is to start touring established churches during harvests all in the name of stomach infrastructure.

Well, we will continue to do what we are doing, perhaps, God will minister into the hearts of our leaders and do things right.


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2 responses to “Why Celestial Church of Christ Is Losing Great Men To Pentecostals”

  1. Omo cele ni mi says:

    May God heal the church and direct the steps of the leaders, Olu ijomimo wa gba akoso ijo re o

  2. Evan. Solomon Iyoriobhe says:

    This is a good writeup, the problem the leaders have, is that they have dumped the word of God and the church doctrine to pursue individual, selfish agenda. We have all forgotten that power belongs to God. It is not late, we can repent God will heal us and our church-2chronicle 7vs14. We should be honest enough to honour God’s word and the doctrine of the church. Let the young ones start learning to take over as those currently at the helm of affairs today are getting old for the church to survive. I pray the church will not end in our time

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