Celestial Church Elders’ Sins Are Telling On The Children- Fakorede Jide

May 27, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 2 Comments »

The only way that we can be free from all these tribulations is to run away from sin finally. Let’s our elders flee away from their selfish interests, let’s CCC unite again as it was from the beginning for the advancement of all of us.

Let all the prophets and prophetesses be very careful and be cautioned, some of them are the cause of the situation the church has found itself while some members, especially the new ones, are living the fold, CCC enmass because of our attitudes. A member having a little problem but they will turn it around for the person to be so big. At the end of the day, instead of solving the problem for the person with little or no amount, they will charge huge amount of money that may even lead the person to commit suicide. Some of this fake wolis have scattered people’s home, lots of rubbish from them.

The shepherds and elders of the church should be honest and render selfless service for the progress of the church; they shouldn’t go after money, post or recognition. God is watching. Things of this world will go by the world.

Lastly, if we can follow the rules and tenets and constitution of CCC accordingly, I believe we will soar higher.

All this contributes to how CCC is today and we can’t be in this and be expecting abundant grace or miracle from God.

CCC elder sin is telling on CCC children. Let us all flee away from all manner of sins and let us put hand together to re-build CCC as it was in the beginning.

Thank you. May God help us.

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2 responses to “Celestial Church Elders’ Sins Are Telling On The Children- Fakorede Jide”

  1. Adebare says:

    They have become herbalists. Only those who are of the spirit will quickly know them as you sight them.

  2. Ibironke says:

    Why is almost every body in celestial church is a prophets or prophetess? Ones he or she starts shaking automatic he becomes prophets or if he starts giving message, or is a person of influence they become prophets pls have you been to other white garment or even other churches before they can pronounce a person prophets even the heavens will attest to it, celestial church go back to your drawing board in the 80s before they can approve someone as a prophet the whole community will testify that his genuine.

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