Celestial Church Has Endured 70 Years Of Persecution

March 20, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 1 Comment »

Celestial Church of Christ has endured 70 years of persecution, but these have not stopped the works of God in our midst and even in whole world, when people hear the word “CELESTIAL” they believe we are diabolical but when they move closer to us they appreciate the wonderful things God is doing in the church. Our Hymn, 176 verse 1 lyrics “Ijo Yi Ni Yo’ we Aye Mo….”

YES we all believe that. Wait a minute!  This is the call of 70 years please let’s ask ourselves this three questions

1 Is it for party galore or purification of our souls?

2 Are you a Celestial or Terrestrial?

3 Are you an ambassador or an enemy of this great fold by your attitude?

Those are the questions we have to ask ourselves.  I heard about a story of two barren women sometimes ago, one is from Celestial Church the other one from a Pentecostal church but she worships in Celestial Church for ‘Needy Services’ ( Esin Anwoju Oluwa).

One bright afternoon, the Shepherd of the parish called all the barren but two of them were fortunate to be around and the Shepherd asked, “Do you believe in the call of Oschoffa? The woman from Celestial Church happily answered,” Yes” but the one from Pentecostal answered reluctantly said, “yes and the Shepherd said the Lord of Oshoffa will bless you with fruit of womb. Guess what?  A year after the both came with two bouncing babies, what a wonderful God we serve. Many miracles are happening in this fold. Let’s wine and dine in love.

To have a new Celestial Church, it starts with you.

This church will cleanse the world; let’s cleanse our souls and bad acts first.  We are so fortunate in this fold without going to mountain, with our Mercyland we are blessed, without clapping; Holy Spirit descends in our midst. What a great fold? Please let’s use this 70th anniversary to retrace our steps and bring back the love of 1947. Halleluiah!!!

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One response to “Celestial Church Has Endured 70 Years Of Persecution”

  1. peace says:

    What a priviledge to be a Celestial as The Church of Christ Clocks 70
    Lovely and Eye opening post keeping Celestials on track as we celebrate…….
    #Love you God
    #Loving you Prophet SBJ Oshoffa
    #inLove with The Celestial Church of Christ
    Cherish Celestial News Online too

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