Celestial Church Leadership Lacks Spiritual Depth And Controlling Power

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oshoffa-bada-ajanlekokoSpirituality depth is the basis and core foundation of white garment churches, most especially Celestial Church of Christ. The founder and pastor of the most populous white garment church, the late Rev. SBJ Oshoffa history, has it was taken by a storm/whirlwind in 1946 to a wilderness in Aganghe in Benin Republic, it was  while he was “held  hostage “ in this wilderness that he received his spiritual powers and the mandate to start CCC on September 29.

Before this event, Papa Oshoffa was a protestant belonging to the Methodist Church. It is recorded in the constitution of the Church, that spirituality is what sets the church distinctly apart from others. It was with this doctrine and the total obedience to the directions of the Holy Spirit that Papa Oshoffa  built and enlarged the church to an enviable state thus the acceptance of the doctrines and practice as laid down by the Board of Trustee and Papa while alive.

Looking back to what has become the present state of spirituality /spiritualism in the Church, one is left to wonder and ask what is wrong, and how did the present leadership and elders as constituted in the church today drop the ball? The rich-depth of the spiritual values of the church, as a whole and not that of any particular parish, is gradually becoming shallow and a shadow of what the founder left in the care of those who are supposed to maintain and oversee the standard of the spirituality he practiced.

What do we say of shepherds and other church workers who aid or back their spiritual works in the church with black magic? Is that what Papa Oshoffa laid down for us as the norm; is this anywhere near the divine spirituality which CCC prides itself on? Where are the leaders and elders who ought to set the guiding rules and administer uniformity of purpose and mission in all parishes of the church worldwide, such that whatever is being practiced in any parish in Europe, America or Asia will be exactly the same with Nigeria, Africa? Since the Holy Spirit is one, our mode of spiritual practice in any of our parishes should be the same.

It is never too late for the governing body of CCC worldwide to look into this and stop being dragging the name of the church in the mud with all kinds of court cases; they should put things in the right perspective. We have had enough of half-baked shepherds and workers in the church, it is time to take firm grip on the mantle of authority and make CCC the pride of white garment churches with a clear cut mission in spirituality.

Toju Ise Re, Ijo Mimo/2x

Lori Oke Ohun Petele

Oju mi nwo Ise yin Loke Orun….


One response to “Celestial Church Leadership Lacks Spiritual Depth And Controlling Power”

  1. Prophet Dare says:

    I agree with you , I hope they are hearing this call

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