Celestial Church Members Are Now God’s Friends, True Or False?

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celestial-members-men“We were God’s enemies, but he made us His friends through the death of His son, now that we are God’s friends how much more will we be saved by Christ’s life” (Rom 5:10GNB)

This is how much Christ gave us. He paid the price to save us and make us God’s friends. We are no more God’s enemies because of the death of Jesus Christ. We are now His friends; Do you know who you are?

Your friend is your confidant and companion. If you are truly God’s friend, He should be able to confide in you. He should feel your company as much as possible. Do you stay with God? Can He trust you?

Nothing about your friend takes you unawares. Friends share their plans and dreams together. When was the last time God revealed his thoughts and plans to you? When was the last time God told you His next line of action?

A friend is someone you understand. Do you understand God? Do you know how He feels? Do you know His needs?

Check yourself; are you truly God’s friend or you betray His friendship? Do not make the sacrifice of Jesus on you to be in vain.

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One response to “Celestial Church Members Are Now God’s Friends, True Or False?”

  1. prophet precious ogbonna says:

    but y celestial is not one

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