Celestial Church Of Christ Should Take Note Of The Prophesy From Sri Lanka…Who Is Next?

February 27, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 4 Comments »

SBJ NronuA couple of weeks back, this informative news service provider portal, CelestialNewsOnline.Com for Celestial Church of Christ home and abroad posted an article of a particular call received from  a prophetess based in Sri Lanka, who told us about the turbulence that would usher in the Platinum Jubilee celebration.

The prophetess said a lot of Celestians who had failed to adhere to the ‘rule of the game’ concerning the ethics and tenets of the church would taste death. According to the message, she said Jehovah revealed to her that before September 29 that the church would be celebrating her 70th anniversary, a lot of things would happen and a lot of people would be shocked by those happenstances.

Today, it shouldn’t come to you as a shock that the Commander-In-Chief of Maranatha Ministries International, Dr. Alexandra Oladosu Omololu is no more and everything he has worked for will now become someone else’s inheritance to manage and use as he or she pleases . Have you all sat down to think of how we are going to end our different individual journey in this sinful world too?

There are lots of tributes about the deceased, some are emotional, and some are about his unfinished projects. People are talking about what he had done for humanity. What have you done? What tribute are people going to say about you? Have you all sat down for a moment to think of how you are going to end your journey from this sinful world too?

Irrespective of rank or position, have you ever pictured yourself being announced DEAD as Dr. Oladosu Omololu was announced a few hours back? Have you ever regarded death to be the end and indeed   the supreme head of that position you are fighting tooth and nail to occupy? Does it ever occur to you that, days ahead will expose some people for who they truly are and shame will be their portions?

The youth should cull a point from this and see what lies ahead of them. The youth should be wary of who they follow, some leaders are just leading for their selfish interest, they may be shouting unification but there is nothing unified about them. God’s wrath has descended on all those who have helped in chasing away members instead of bringing them into the fold.

None of us can escape death! The question now is, Who is next?

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4 responses to “Celestial Church Of Christ Should Take Note Of The Prophesy From Sri Lanka…Who Is Next?”

  1. Balogun Kenny says:

    What shall we say, Oh my brothers & sister, Celestial Church, what shall we tell, when our Father shall call on us, that we stop work & come to Him to account for all works

  2. Ogungbuyi Oluyomi says:

    Toju use re,Ijo Mimo.Lori Ike oun petele,oju mi nwo use yin like odun……………We all shall be called up one day unannounced.Dr Oladosu is so called now.Who is next?

  3. OluwatoPraise OBATULA DARLINGTON says:

    Exactly my Brother who is the next to lie down and be useless to him/herself???

  4. Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

    Take care of your work in Celestial. ..

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