Celestial Church Of Christ’s Division: The Way Forward

December 14, 2016 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 10 Comments »

Mobiyina IkoroduCalvary Greetings to all. Further to an article recently detailing the genesis of division in the church, I am of the opinion that we should all brainstorm for a lasting solution. All suggestions should be constructive without any foul language.

Having perused the church, I hereby deduce that the problem lies with the LEADERSHIP MANAGEMENT.

Ketu must be prepared to apologise to the entire church populace for creating the division due to the ascent of Baba Bada unto the pastoral seat. Papa Oschoffa’s family should realise and accept that Celestial Church of Christ is not a ‘family business’ that can be inherited. A pragmatic management board should be set up to take care of the affairs. Out of respect for the Pastor Founder, 2/3 members of his family could be allowed to seat on the management committee but not necessarily hold an executive post.

This management committee should firstly re-register and authentication of existing parishes, this will then constitute the CCC DATABASE. Any parish not registered again within a limited time automatically cuts itself off the main body and is thereby denounced.  With this, it will be easy for the church to plan ahead for all parishes.

-Sup. Evang. Segun Adetayo

10 responses to “Celestial Church Of Christ’s Division: The Way Forward”

  1. prophet precious ogbonna says:

    with all due respect sir they are saying the truth……. u the children of pa oshoffa have not come together and think are celestial will be one u are just there dragging over position and who to be the head.. the truth is the truth is celestial a business area

  2. Mayowa says:

    You people talk out of context, what has d children of Oshoffa got to do with this? Who says they are lazy children? Doing well in various ways. There is so much people don’t understand but because there is freedom of speech it is better to overlook some comments but u can’t stand I n front of most of them and say there’s words.

  3. Fernandez Houndeyin says:

    Please inasmuch as I understand your frustration, I will not condone you using those profane expressions. Your criticism must be constructive not abusive

  4. Superior Evangelist Alphonsus Aihonsu says:

    At last, Celestial Youths are reasoning in the right direction. While Youths at Pentecostal churches are being trained and developed to reason and uphold the churches’ policies, Celestial Youths are being suppressed by those words ‘Ilana ni yen’ ( that is the doctrine, don’t query) , ‘ase mbe niwaju’ ( all directives come the altar). They had forgotten or ignored Exodus 12:26. We may not blame them much anyway because they themselves know not what to say concerning the right doctrine and tenets of Celestial and why God input them as such.

    For clarity purpose, Ipin (Pastoral Funds to Ketu) is Biblical but also has its physical obligations that must be given in return. It is to provide food for those that work day and night in ensuring proper spiritual and administrative portfolios are upheld.
    Starting with the Pastor, the church should only cater for his official aides and not personal assistants. Contracts of these official aides are to be with the church and not Pastor. This means that Pastor’s driver can be sacked without the consent of Pastor, if he is found guilty of any misconduct. Although the Pastor may be the head of the church, he must give autonomy to the professionals to handle the administration according to the required ethics.
    How many church workers do we have in Ketu and what are their roles?

    How many parishes do we have worldwide and how much is the minimum each pays as Ketu dues monthly?
    How does Ketu dispense this money? Any audited account to that effect?
    Owing to these above analysis and many still pending, I Superior Evangelist Segun Adetayo – Frankfurt hereby suggest that ALL IPIN TO KETU SHOULD STOP UNTIL KETU CAN PROVIDE ADEQUATE AUDITED ACCOUNTS OF THE PAST YEARS. However, parishes should be aware that this Ipin Ketu are OUTSTANDING TO BE REPAID as soon as Credible Administrative System is instituted.

    • Busayo says:

      Well Said sir. All churches in Nigeria that are registered under ketu are paying their dues, so ketu should get it right. Imeko is there since all these years, nothing has been done. Where are the money towards the imeko development? Please ask oshoffa children. What they fight over is money,land and position in the church . Is celestial church your family business or do u think cele church is a joke ? Awon omo Jati jati ekeji aja. Lazy children

  5. Ayan says:

    Please tell them, they have turn it cele church to family business. Imagine all of them wants a position, even that big head benjamin left United States to sit in ketu for nothing.like seriously Oshoffa’s family need to talk sense into themselves. All of them are after selfish interest,lazy and greedy. we even heard they pay all of them monthly salary, can u imagine? Are they Shepard? Most of celestial Shepard are suffering and them Oshoffa’s are eating up celestial money. With all these, I don’t think we can move forward in celestial church.

    • Benjamin Oshoffa says:

      If you have balls, you will not use a fake name..Ask your father to found a church….

    • prophet precious ogbonna says:

      with all due respect sir they are speaking the truth… u the children of pa oshoffa have not com together and speak ur mind how celestial will be one u are just there dragging over position and who to be the head.. again sir is celestial a business area

  6. AHOLU SOLOMON says:

    love this

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