Celestial Church Prophet’s Vision About Abundance…With This, The Famine Is Over

February 13, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 8 Comments »

olumide-solomon-ojoA prophet in the fold, Olumide Solomon has been shown a vision and it’s indeed telling us that the season of our fast has ended.

Read it as posted by him on his Facebook page.

“I need to pour this out before i sleep so that I can get new one. I had a dream last night.

In my dream I saw many friends both those I know physically and those only on Facebook. In the dream I invited everyone to the party of my boss. Everywhere was boring, no food, no drink, no merriment at all, the face of everyone was with pain and my heart was bitterly heavy because I was unable to solve the problem.

Then I went to my boss, I told him all my guests had not eaten nor taken any drink since morning, no food, no drink and pains writing all over their faces and I can’t help their situation.Then my boss took me to store-room and showed me abundant food and drink.

I asked him; boss why have you not opened this place before now that people have been hungry since? Then he answered, ‘but you have not asked me before now, it is when you asked that I showed you the key and opened the store of abundance.

Then I started serving people, they drank joyfully, everybody was happy, and they all had a fun-filled event, then I woke up from my dream.

I was very devastated I said what kind of stupid dream is this, the Holy Spirit told me hard drink is not good for Naazrite and now I had a dream of making people got drunk.

Then I heard that voice in my spirit. Noo be happy they were not filled with hard drinks but with the joy of the Lord , their hunger, pains, suffering were taking away that was why they were extremely happy. I was so filled with joy hearing this and I felt like I just collected a blank cheque.

Then when I was about reading my Bible for morning devotion, I heard read psalm 36, immediately I opened it, when I got to verse 8 I was like waoo!, nothing can be accurate and precise like our God.

“They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy house; and thou shalt make them drink of the river of thy pleasures.” Psalms 36:8 KJV.

Just the same thing with my dream and the Holy Spirit told me that is the confirmation of your dream.


if am a true prophet of the most high and all i just said now is true for every eyes that are opportune to read this prayer my God, your Lord and our creator shall solve that particular problem that has been given you pain, sorrow and heartbreak before 72 hours from now in the name of Jesus Christ……..Amen.”

Can I hear you say a loudest Amen?

8 responses to “Celestial Church Prophet’s Vision About Abundance…With This, The Famine Is Over”

  1. Temmytorpe says:

    Amen ijmn


    Amen In Jesus name

  3. Franca Ogbomida Omeh says:

    Amen in Jesus Wonderful name

  4. Salau Toyin says:

    amen another meaning to it is there are people around u in need of spiritual food like d word of God and praying for d afflicted u went to ur boss in d dream so make enquiry from God on what to do also also u were led to a store he will guide u on what to do and how to go about it to fill people around u with the peace of the lord more annointing in Jesus,name

  5. Toyin says:

    amen ijn another thing from d dream is apart from physical food spiritual food is needed ur dream also means there are people around u who lack spiritual food and needed to be fed with spiritual food which is the WORD OF GOD u going to ur boss means u need to enquire from God on d areas he wants u to fill people’s need he took u to,a store filled with food this means he will direct ur path and show u what d people around u will need to be filled with peace either through preaching the word of God as led by d holy spirit or by praying for them when in any difficulty may d lord help u to carry d cross more annointing

  6. Balogun Kenny says:


  7. Adejoro says:

    Amen in the mighty name of Jesus

  8. Superior Evangelist Barrister Olawole Famakinwa says:

    Amen. Let my season of abundance and plenty commence. Oh Lord cancel lack, poverty and want in Jesus name. Amen

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