Celestial Church Is Real Even The Whites Believe So (Photo)

October 25, 2016 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 10 Comments »

steve-brown-and steve-brown-2This is a must-read for every Celestial Church members. The God of Celestial Church of Christ is always alive and still performs wonders daily, if you think it’s just a mere saying, please take few minutes and digest this.

A man called Mr Solomon read one of my posts titled (The secret of wearing white garments part1) he’s neither a member of CCC nor any white garment church. He told me about his nightmares and the interpretation means he should be careful of spiritual robbery.

He replied “Spiritual Robbery?”

I said “Yes” (I explained in details to him).

So we met on October 14th, 2016 with much discussion, after that I told him to meet me at Omotola central Parish on October 16th, I asked him to come with his faith that I will give him a mantle.

Mr Solomon did accordingly, I went to MERCY-LAND to pray to anointing oil but God instructed me to give him parts of the sand on Mercy-land (Iyepe Ile Anu) which I complied immediately.

I packed the small sand inside sachet nylon and told him to put it at the four corners of each rooms and he left with a joyful heart.

On October 25th, 2016, I received a wake-up call from him saying “CELESTIAL IS REAL”

He said to me on phone: “We’ve been noticing a smell of something dead since 2days, and we decided to check the sitting room this morning and found a dead snake at the back of the chair”

Then he later asked me to mention one good thing I want from his family to do for me, (Sincerely speaking I was so rich when he called) but immediately I heard the voice of GOD clearly saying DON’T ASK FOR ANYTHING BUT FOR MY GLORY (I understand immediately and complied).

So I told Mr Solomon on phone, Sir, let’s give thanks for what God has done and please share this testimony to people in your denomination that the God of Celestial Church of Christ is real.

Moral Lesson

Let everything about your Celestial lifestyle advertise the glory of God to the world.

Fisayo Joel.

10 responses to “Celestial Church Is Real Even The Whites Believe So (Photo)”

  1. Tobi a.k.a Apatajesu1 says:

    Agbara nbe bi tatijo awa omo ijo mimo La o sin baba bi tati jo

  2. Tobi a.k.a Apatajesu1 says:

    gbogbo omo ijomimo loti sako lo, kin lo fa iwa ati ise wa na ni, eje katun iwa wa se

  3. samuel says:

    ijo mimo ninu imole ni awa

  4. oluwanifemi says:

    Oluwa nbe bi tatijo awa Lao sin Baba bi tatijo

  5. Tunde Adepoju says:

    A peculiar church but very few within the fold know this. May God open our inner eyes and ears.

  6. Mother-in-Celestial Adeloye (Osun State Youth Coordinator) says:

    This is great, pls don’t condemn any one in this forum even the elders in the church. some might be in this church for years still the meaning of the church and mission is not clear to them.@Seun the spirit of the Lord will not forsake you in Jesus name. Mo gba ladura pe ijo Mimo koni baje.

  7. imisi says:

    Ki WA lo de tomo ijomimo ti sa lo tan

  8. Mr Seun Akinbayode says:

    before and till today celestial is real

  9. oyindamola olabisi says:

    Yeah ijo mimo ti kristi lati orun wa o shi wa gege bi baba OSHOFFA se fi lele, celestia shi wa biti igbani. MIMO! MIMO!! MIMO!!!.

  10. Mrs Ola says:

    CCC is real

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