Celestial Church Sealed Up By Land Grabbers…Other Churches Mock Them

May 21, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 7 Comments »

Omole Dominus

While preparation for the Platinum Celebration of Celestial Church of Christ worldwide is in top gear by some members of the church, it’s not the same with the members of CCC Anfani Parish 2, First Powerline, Ologun Eru Road, Eleyele, Ibadan as the church for almost a year now is said to have been under lock by land grabbers and since they have been in and out court.

A concerned member of the Parish named Omole Stone OluwaNi Dominus expressed his grievance on social media stating the position of his parish and how other big parishes within its locality have not stood for the cause of the Parish or come to their aide.

“Happy Birthday to CCC Worldwide, Celestial worldwide is happy celebrating the Founder day but the Founder (Papa SBJ Oshoffa) is not happy. Ask me what I see!

A set of Omo onile, (land grabbers) said they secured an order from court that the land where a Celestial Church (CCC, Anfani Parish 2, First Powerline, Ologun Eru road, Eleyele, Ibadan) was built belongs to them and they came with police officers to arrest people around the church and sealed up the church and that day marked it a week after the 12th Adult harvest anniversary of the parish last year August. The parish has been going to court since then while the premises of

# Oshoffa’s church has grown weed. Cockroaches, rat, snake, rabbit, lizard now worship in the church while the district head, circuit head has done nothing about it. They turned there deaf ears, nobody asked about the situation of the parish. Nobody comes to help among Celestians and Celestial Church has been locked down, growing bush since last year, no help from other parishes till now.

#CCC Apete, a church under you was lock down,

#CCC Oke Ado, your own Church was lock down,

#CCC Mokola, a church under you was lock down,

#CCC yemetu, a celestial church under you was lock down,

#CCC Ayegbami eleyele, a celestial church under you was lock down,

#CCC Makoko, a church under you was lock down,

# Oshoffa, your church was lock down growing bush since last year August… Other denomination like Redeem, C&S, CAC, other churches around have been saying such cannot happen to them, that within a twinkling of an eye , their church headquarters would have sprung into action and the case would have been settled since. They mocked God of Celestial. They Mocked Oshoffa’s Church. They asked where is their God? They asked where are there Elders? Didn’t they have State head, didn’t they have Regional head? Didn’t they have Head Quarters Board of Trustees?

What a shame, what a big fat SHAME to Celestial worldwide. I’m typing with tears in my eyes. Where is the love? Maybe they don’t read their Bible to understanding (1 Corinthians 13), where are the so called elders? Is this how Papa SBJ laid it down? A Celestial parish is facing a challenge and none of other Parishes stands up to help, they turned it to (Olomu domu iya e gbe). A big fat SHAME. Celestial @70, happy birthday to CCC worldwide but Papa # Oshoffa is not happy because a Celestial Church was locked down.”

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7 responses to “Celestial Church Sealed Up By Land Grabbers…Other Churches Mock Them”

  1. Bishop says:

    @yemitan it’s a fact that most parishes doesn’t Lodge the document of their parishes fine but those that Lodge it after there demise, what does ccc authority do for the family of the Shepherds even to their children all we see is bring ipin… Have been hearing about ipin to papa oshoffa family right from my kid days in the church and up till now they have not stop despite that papa children are old enough to feed a state still we still give ipin out on every harvest day for the family of oshoffa and that excluding envelope to pastor when they come around its well my people please remember the late shepherds children too..

  2. Bishop says:

    Celestians it’s a pity but I know God will intervene but abiodun don’t reference to carcuse things here all we need is solution..

  3. Abike says:

    Plz excuse me here what do you mean by Ketu,are you telling me what the church did is right by not standing by the church that is under lock, please if I may ask what is the name on the sign board??? Is it redeem or Mount Zion Baptist Church, it’s a big shame that you don’t see solution is only fault, how many times has ketu supported financially in a growth of a parish, the only thing they know is bring DUE, (lpin) that is why you see them killing one another because of the money not that they have the interest of the ⛪ church at heart Ole them I just wish papa can just wake up and kill all of them shame to the so called leaders,

  4. Sup Evang Lanre Yemitan says:

    It’s sad to hear about what’s happening to this parish of ccc. Yes it’s easy for us to blame the district, province and the national headquarters for doing nothing but majority of this parishes never lodge their church land documents with Ketu or any of the other dioceses they might belong to. If the documents are with the headquarters they can easily follow up on the case but many prefer to be landlord shepherds. Anyway this is not the time to be playing blaming games, please if we can help let us help.

  5. Abiodun says:

    Why can’t he mention the name of their Circuit Head and Provincial Head in Oyo State, and where they belong to, you must hear from others before you make any statement, and Mr Alonge Samuel said they should call Baba Owodunni, Oju Oluwa nwo yin o….

  6. Prophet Dele. says:

    Hmmmmmmmm, its saddened me when I stumble on post like this to read this kind of thing is happening to a big family like us. And we say celestial is the last ship to cleans the earth,how do we clean when we dont have love and can’t clean our own domain? Its true that other churches are saying sort of things…yes they will say something cos they are not happy that the house of God under some set of people are mishandled. Perhaps the church is flourishing and all is doing well and the parish refuse to remit her own qauter to the heads in charge…it tell you by now they would have rise and fight the Shepherd of that parish if possible transfer him out of there if they can. But now their presence and actions are needed and they are nowhere to be found its a pity its happening to CCC, am not happy too.

  7. Alagba Alonge Samuel Sunday says:

    my advise for you is to write Baba OWODUNNI and explain things to him
    av very sure he will do something within a week
    call me and Le’s talk

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