Celestial Church Youths Bonding With The Less Privilege (Photos)

March 9, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / Comments Off on Celestial Church Youths Bonding With The Less Privilege (Photos)

While others are busy engaging in all sort of nefarious activities, these youth of Celestial Church of Christ diligently obeyed the instruction of God in the areas of catering for those in need as they hit the street of Lagos to provide meals and other material stuffs for those who are in need. This is a clarion call for the youth of Celestial Church of Christ to build the future now or never, a journey of 365 days starts with a step, it’s not until will start building houses for orphanage let’s learn how to make other people happy not matter how small or big.

The youths must realise that we must extend the work for humanity within and outside the vineyard to those that are lukewarm in the spirit, pagans, orphans….. We must learn to show our utmost love and cares for them in times of comfort and distress. We must share their burdens and feel their pains. By constantly thinking of how to put smiles on their faces.

Our Vision and Mission have gone beyond the church premises alone. It has got to the point where we need to go out to represent as disciples of God. We must learn that, for the mission and vision to be fulfilled, all hands must be on deck…. “Kasise fun iwenu mo emi wa, k’Oluwa file wa pelu wa”.

We should also remember that apart from the Levites amongst us, God cherishes some other sects of people who are Orphans and Widows and we must not wait untill we have in excess before we cater for them but we should start with whatever we are able to gather now. If Mary had waited for the appointed time of Christ, the marriage would have been a total flaw. We should go out and put smiles on their faces, share the gospel with them, clothe and feed them in our own little way. – Colossians 3:23

-Prophet Akintunde Segun

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