Celestial Church’s 1st-Ever Mercy-Land Water That Cures All Kinds Of Ailments (Photos)

January 23, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 4 Comments »

mercyland water 2 Mercyland water 4 Mercyland water MercylandDo you know that God has always been showing us mercy in this great church of ours? No doubt, Celestial Church is Christ’s own church.

Quite a lot of the elders in the church are aware of this information but many do not really know the mystery behind it. The first-ever Mercy land in Celestial Church of Christ is located somewhere at Makoko, Yaba area of Lagos. The place, as seen in this photo, has become a sacred place for Celestians as whole and the host community. This is the reason.

Some years ago when all waters and riverbanks around Makoko dried up, the water at this Mercy land remained flowing and never dried up. As a matter of fact, it became a succor even to the entire community. Is that not a miracle?

We were also told that this water is coloured, not appealing to the sight but the purest, it’s even as pure as spring water. It has cured so many ailments, in fact, pregnant women were said to have received series of healings and miracle through this water.

A story of a certain woman whose pregnancy was in turbulence for 18 months was given a message to come and drink from this water for seven days, the 6th day she gave birth to a set of twins. There was an issue of a man whose scrotal had a serious issue, he drank from this water and he became whole. A woman who was looking for the face of Jehovah for the fruit of the womb for 14 years was messaged to pray at this mercy land for three days with the water for drinking and bathing, dear brothers and sisters, this woman, as we were told, is now a proud mother of five children.

Dear Celestians, do we really love and appreciate God the way He loves us in this church? He has given us everything, everything we want as a church He gave to us so we won’t go elsewhere for help but the disunity has led to a lot of us running to ‘Egypt’ for help!

Lack of LOVE has greatly contributed to this position we have found ourselves. We don’t follow or obey His instructions anymore, we are fighting for what is not, do we really have sense to see beyond these material things we fight over? May God help His church! Amen.

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4 responses to “Celestial Church’s 1st-Ever Mercy-Land Water That Cures All Kinds Of Ailments (Photos)”

  1. Elder Olugbenga Olanipekun says:

    This is mystery. As a matter of fact, I as a celestian, I’ve learnt another lesson through this article. May the Almighty God give us more wisdom, knowledge and understanding and also open our spiritual eyes to know him more in Jesus name.

  2. Balogun says:

    True. Thanks editor, God bless you for this info. Where exactly the well is because I couldn’t find any inside the mercy land the last time I checked.

  3. EVANG s. o. a. Toriola says:

    Actually, it as been like that oncent, every parish do have well (konga) in their mercy land, no matter the problem that has to do with womb or inner body, and the water is been taken It will be cure. (Fe ni to ba gbagbo to si gboran yio ri iye IJO MIMO).

  4. yomi Newton says:

    true talk. I just summarised everything the other day that indeed Celestial church has everything needed. all corners of the church is a promising mountain and one should be confident to ask for anything and one is given.

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