Celestial Church’s Anointing Oil You Don’t Know…How I Got Healed With It

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Oil Ororo IjoSpiritual mantles represent spiritual authority, an impaction through spiritual duplication of God’s grace on the anointed (2nd King 2:13-14)

I don’t go against any mantle or whatever you used as illustration to pray to God (Based on individual believe). I have seen a Pentecostal Pastor who asked the members to come for vigil with cutlass as a mantle to kill their enemies (Based on what he believes) The scriptures recorded it more than 38 times about the importance of anointing oil. The power of anointing oil (Especially the Ororo ijo with that pleasant and unique smell) can never be compared with.


I grew in a family where ORO IJO became our first aid box (James 5:14), where our Vaseline always mixed with oro-ijo.

I was in JSS 3 in 1997/98 when I had severe abdominal pain for over 6 months, it was one of my friends, Muyiwa Samuel Olaolu Oriowo, who did all my registrations for Junior WAEC then. I was only permitted to wear my garment throughout the period of the sickness. However, before the severe abdominal pain, we had emptied all the anointing oil (Oro ijo) at home, so at the early stage when I was going through pains, no one thought of getting back the oil but hospital.

After series of tests carried out by the medical practitioners, with so many prescribed drugs, yet no changes until God Himself stepped into the case.

My examination period was very close and my parents remembered Anointing oil (Oro ijo) had even finished for months, so we decided using the anointing oil (Oro ijo) as my “Gecrol suspension” day and night while I stopped using my drugs.

Within a few days, I got healed without using any other thing except the ORO IJO we all agreed on.

Gone are those days where our pencils, biro, ruler etc would be submitted for coming examination period in church.

Gone are those days where our Shepherd would prepare holy water (Omi-iyasimimo) for us to receive divine understanding towards our examination (To an extent that the outsiders would also follow me to church)

Do we still have the original Oro-Ijo today?

How many Shepherds of nowadays still know the importance of anointing oil (Oro-ijo).

How many members of recent Celestial Church know the reality of Oro-Ijo (The anointing oil).

How many members even know that we have special anointing oil?

I am a real product of Celestial Church Of Christ, I was given Honey, Sugar and Salt and water on my christening day. Halleluiah!

I am Fisayo Joel.

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  1. Helibles says:

    I pray may all this disunity be over and bring his fold back to track as to remain focus in this great fold. HALLELUYAH

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