Celestial Church’s Doctrine Has Biblical Back Up -Jihmarta Mimo Parish Shepherd

March 16, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 2 Comments »

When this came out of one of them, then I know that God still reserves some shepherds whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed it for Himself to uphold the honour and dignity of the church.

Below is what Shepherd of Jihmarta Mimo Parish, Sango, Ogun State said and we love his submission.

“In our quest to bring modernization into celestial church, we should please not to forget that Celestial Church of Christ, spiritual church sent from heaven is governed by the Holy Spirit. i just watched a video clip of one of the Shepherds I used to respect and admire so much, he said, in his Parish they don’t do stream bathing (iwe odo to n san). I

I pray, may Holy Spirit continue to guide us. In my own parish, any Celestial Church doctrine that is backed by the Bible or observed in the Bible we practice. The Bible is the one and only Christian constitution that we must all obey. Please I am not condemning any one here, but proving a point that Celestial Church is sent from heaven with a mission and vision.  We should not imitate other denominational doctrines, because GOD has a purpose for allowing all different kinds of churches to exit, each one has their doctrine and tenets they religiously follow.

The Glory of celestial is one. 1 Corinthians 15:40. HOLY SPIRIT TAKE ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF CCC W/W.”

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2 responses to “Celestial Church’s Doctrine Has Biblical Back Up -Jihmarta Mimo Parish Shepherd”

  1. Enikanosaye I.M.O says:

    In this stage and age we are, CCC (prophets and prophetess) need to operate in the anointing of the Children of Issachar, who have the understanding of time and know what CCC should be doing in this age(1Chro 12:32).

    Weekly stream bath is not in CCC doctrine nor in the Bible. Stream bath should be by Holy spirit inclination or message for individual or a whole church and not what we have forced into the doctrine on weekly or daily basis. How many people did Jesus and Elisha sent to the stream or pool. Does that justifies and authenticate weekly stream bath? Even the man at bethseda pool was he healed by order to enter the pool?

    If we can’t have our own special stream or pool I don’t think stream bath messages were from Holy spirit in this age. The streams of these days if you should go there and consider activities being carried out there such will never make Holy spirit to come near such stream or pool. A stream where herbalists and diverse of fake prophets and pastors carried out rituals: blood of animals, red oil, red and black cloths even soaps and many more activities of spiritual darkness. Is that where CCC God will direct HIS children to go for purification or what.

    Let’s be sensitive to God; hear and understand the beats of HIS heart before sending our people to the streams. In my parish my shepherd will only prepare water for you in a basin (basia) and you’d take your bath within the church bathroom rather sending you to stream to add salt to your wound. And God has performed diverse wonders through him.

    The condemnation of the church by people is what we have given room to because we lack the understanding of the time as a church and our prophets has been turn to gods and anything they say is the final even when it is not from God.

    JI ji Ijo mimo…

  2. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    Please ccc online I need you email address, concerning the text I sent days ago, I actually don’t know how it was deleted from my phone. Akinfenwa Olufunmi

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