Celestial Crisis: Ketu Constitutes Committee To Broker Peace…Selects Baba Nunayon As Head

December 26, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 4 Comments »

nunayonCome September 29, 2017, Celestial Church of Christ, worldwide under the leadership of Reverend Mobiyina Friday Oshoffa, Pastor/Spiritual head, will clock 70 years. The many crises, which have greatly affected the advancement of the church, may soon be a thing of the past as the authorities at the helm of affairs are concerned about the progress of the church hence the move to resolve every leadership issue before the 70th anniversary.

This was announced by Baba Banjo, one of the BOT, during the Xmas Eve Service at the yet-to-be-completed Cathedral at Imeko, Ogun State. According to Sup. Evang. Banjo, a committee has been set up to resolve crises among elders in the Church. Most Sup. Evang. Jacob Deji Nunayon, born in the ancient town of Ajase, Benin Republic in 1942, has been selected to head the Committee. He said this was necessary so as to make sure that the Church isn’t in any crisis before the 70th Anniversary of the Church.

I hope our leaders would bury their hatchets and be prepared to embrace peace for posterity sake. ‘Ijo mimo yio se iranwo fun wa’.


4 responses to “Celestial Crisis: Ketu Constitutes Committee To Broker Peace…Selects Baba Nunayon As Head”

  1. Jacob Popoola. says:


    This is very interesting and a genuine wake up call with a divine handwriting on the wall. A delicate matter to resolve requires maturity, diligence, absolute sincerity, fear of God, fervent prayers, strong determination, Apostolic inspiration that puts Holy Spirit above all decisions for better administration. Our problems are many. Anointment income is the root of chain of pastors. Do we have central account? Is the anointment helping us? Can we hybridize the French faction and Nigerian’s together? Besides, if we allow our #6to guide us we cannot choose anyone who is part of the problem to head or participate in the issues plaguing our organization. God, please give unbiased jury and guide the body to read your verdict of peace, kindness, progress, stability, and above all salvation for all. Amen. Thanks.


    tank God, pls dey should look for a solution to it

  3. Alaba says:

    What was the criteria for the appointment. When the foundation of the appointment is faulty , how do we move forward?

  4. Houndeyin Francis says:

    Old wine in new bottle, all coming to nothing. Why do we like to patch a dilapidated building? Not until you scrape it down to the carcass and restore from foundation. Is Ketu prepared to own up, accept to be the root cause of the dichotomy?. If yes, is Ketu prepared to openly apologise and integrate all warring factions?

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