Celestial Gospel Wizkid To Watch Out For…Adegboye Samson Out With Iroyin Alafia (Photo)

November 8, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 4 Comments »

bro-adeboye-samson-2 bro-adeboye-samsonBeautiful things are often said and believed to come in little packages, and those who make impact and leave their footprints forever etched on stones make no noise; but only silent appearance on the scene and consciousness of those they come into contact with and make disciples of those that have staunch belief in the message they bring to the world. These are the attributes that legends are made of, and all these are what Bro Adeboye Samson has in his kitty.

Celestial Church over the years has been blessed with highly spiritual, talented and skilled singers; Bro Adegboye Samson of Nazarite Song Ministry who has been dazzling the gospel scenes with his craftsmanship is one to watch out for.

He hails from a priestly family of Sup Evang and L/S/S/E/S Adegboye of blessed memory, worships at CCC Mafoluku Model Parish 1 Lagos state.

His first group album titled “Help My Faith” still sells like pure sachet water and now his new release,  Iroyin Alafia (News of Peace) released officially October 3rd 2016 and marketed by Zeal & Direction Ltd and widely distributed across the country by Major distributors –Mayegun Films and Records Oshodi Lagos, Omo-Ola Christian Music Mokola Ibadan, Olufunlayo Records Taiwo road Ilorin, and Omo-Ajibare Records Akure, Ondo State.

This Album emphasizes on the Christ’s promise of peace and the good news of Christ from his servant Bro Adegboye Samson. Although it seems we are in a dispensation where people don’t listen anymore to the lyrics of songs but dance to beat. However, the power of God’s words and operation of gifts in this fold and upon this young minister of God cannot be hidden, watch out for his songs, buy and listen.

Nazarites Contact: 35, Boderin street, Mafoluku, Lagos
08064585165, 08038684522, 08031114143
Facebook: Nazarite Songministry
Twitter: nsmsalvation
e-Mail: thenazarites@yahoo.com info@nazaritessongministry.org

4 responses to “Celestial Gospel Wizkid To Watch Out For…Adegboye Samson Out With Iroyin Alafia (Photo)”

  1. Nelson Iluyomade says:

    I was privileged to witness the album lunch, the occasion was highly successful. The young chap is an epitome of humility, very brilliant and talented. He is such that is worthy of emulation, a young talented leader seen as a role model to his peers and adults. I highly recommend the album “Irohin Alafia” to every homes, communities and individual. News of peace will never depart our homes. Amen.

  2. Olulana OludayoOludayo a.k.a. Olus'D says:

    Yoruba will say ” Iroyin o to afojuba”. It’s better for every household to get a copy of d album, hear it and see if things will not change for the better in your life. Aside knowing who Bro Samson is, the song Iroyin Alafia is an angelic ministration whereby we on earth are privileged to benefit from. May the God continue to increase you Bro Samson and your group spiritually and in all ramification.
    I pray also that for as many ears that listen to the song, may the news of peace, joy and uplift be heard continually in our homes. Amen!

  3. Bro. Samuel Oluwakayode says:

    Apart from being spirit filled, he is discipline, focus and friendly. I was privileged to work with him some years ago, it is an experience I can never forget. Iroyin Ayo ko ni tan nile gbogbo wa loruko Jesu, so go grab your copy and copies Now!

  4. Chief Emmtoyl says:

    The young man is Spirit filled and the Album is just the manifestation of Gods grace on him. Every Christian homes should have this blessed music.

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