Celestial Hymn Book Is Not Just For The Choir

June 30, 2022 / Celestial News Online / CNO Hymnal Digest / 3 Comments »

The celestial hymn book is not to be used by the choir alone but the entire congregation of CCC because the lyrics are passing some powerful message across to everyone.

It is not alone for us to just sing and dance to the hymns but to understand and digest what the lyrics say.

Hymns 276  states a lot about repentance, looking at the world presently, many things are happening about Nations raising against nations, epidemics, diseases that claim many lives, killing of innocent people etc.

Psalm 50 vs 15 is equivalent to what this aspect of the hymn says.

Shepherd should please learn to use our hymns for sermons, our Hymns are powerful and complete just as our Bible is.

I challenge you today to not just sing the hymns but to understand and mediate on the words.


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3 responses to “Celestial Hymn Book Is Not Just For The Choir”

  1. Koulaï Elisée says:

    Je besoin

  2. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    Dear Elders Kayinsola and Tayo , you are welcome. I like your view about revealed songs in CCC.
    But my sorrow today in CCC is that choirmasters and moreover shepherds are ignorant of the real history of choir in the church and mainly what the Founder said about choir lifestyle in CCC;
    The song you mentionned up N° 276 was revealed in 1953 at Treichville (Abidjan) by the Holy Spirit to NATHANIEL A. YANSUNNU the first Senior Evangelist and second in command in the Church till september 1970 year of his demise.
    That man was the first methodist choirmaster of OSCHOFFA the prophet to be and, at the foundation introduced on february 1950 choir in CCC; it was also he who booked the great majority of the revealed songs in Egun, Yoruba and translated them in French. Very long years ago, I contacted many choirmasters from late Elder ADETIRAN (he did on that opportunity introduced me to the Central Choir training then at the Conference Center at Imeko) to some others in orders to give them a great number of revealed others songs people never heard before in CCC. I waited years, and nobody showing interest, I gave up to date.
    There’s a book about choir lifestyle in CCC but written in French. My great desire is to be questioned about choir before leaving forever one day for hereafter. I’m at the disposal of CCC worldwide.
    God bless His Works : Amen!

  3. Tayo Joseph wolima says:

    The Celestial hymn book is the manifesto of God, not only for Celestial Church alone, but to the entire world.
    They are not just songs but hymns ( songs backed up by spiritual inspirations). They should not be turned into entertainment songs in dancing halls. God bless us all.

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