Celestial Members Are Far From The Truth- Princess Lawlar Adetuyi

April 19, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Virtuous Women / 1 Comment »

I culled this from one of the comments on a post on my Facebook timeline concerning the issue of this church of ours, Celestial Church of Christ and I must indeed thumb up this beautiful daughter of the church, Princess Lawlar-Omo Charming, for her submission. Not many Celestians think this way, if we sure think this way, probably, our church wouldn’t have been in this mess.

Hear her, “The reason why Celestial Church of Christ is still the way it is, is that people or worshippers are far from the truth and are suffering from denial problem they will and can never be cured .The reason why some of the young adults in UK are breaking away from CCC is this reason of denial and the fact that this so called elders are embedded in their old fashion way of doing things and refuse to change. I have spoken to a few youth that have opened up to me in the past. Meanwhile we are complaining about Nigerian being ruled in a corrupt way. Aren’t this church leaders meant to be leaders ruling the communities? But hey, I am not surprised, if they are in the position to rule Nigeria they will rule the same way this old cabals rule as well. By their fruit we shall know them.

I am not surprised they are far from the truth which is the Bible…They are more concerned about ranks than the word of God.

The reason why Nigeria is the way it is that Charity begins at home. It actually has to start from the home then the small communities, then the borough, then the state before it extends to the country…Churches are meant to deal with communities issues before it gets out of hand. Churches are Charity organization that meant to deal with communities issue, this is the reason why UK government gives funds to churches because they are registered under the umbrella of Charity organisation, but to our greatest surprise, churches neglected their mission and run after the things of this world called money by preaching about tithes and prosperity.

They forgot that part in the Bible that says ”What will it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul”. When you ask them ,you know what this bunch of ignoramus will say in responses “They would say ,in Yoruba dialect, “Idajo Woli ko ni sele niwaju omo ijo, that’s to say they can never be judged in the presence of the congregation. Anyway Oluwa lo mejo da. I rest my case.”

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One response to “Celestial Members Are Far From The Truth- Princess Lawlar Adetuyi”

  1. Joseph Kolade says:

    They are idiots and bumch of nonentity. They are inn for trouble. Its no more business as usual.

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