Celestial Shepherd Who Impregnated Daughter Blames Wife For Incestuous Act (Photos)

November 19, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 8 Comments »

We bring to you Prophet Taiwo Olubayode from Oke-Ijebu Street, Idanre in Ondo State who recently impregnated his daughter, Elizabeth Olubayode aged daughter-impregnated-by-father 14

When Omo Edema in Akure, Ondo state aired the programme on his Adaba FM, there were many reactions and condemnations but none of those people who commented asked for the role the mother of the child played in the act.

This is expected when a mother’s role has been taken over by the daughter. Like the saying that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, when the daughter assumes the position of a mother in the house the unexpected happens. Not that #CNO supports this incestuous act committed by this shepherd but it will be so good for the clergymen in the vineyard to go through comprehensive training to broaden their knowledge on core moral and Biblical values. May God help His Church.

Following the trend of events demographically, it is observed that sexual relationships are very cheap to contract today compared with what was obtainable in the past when morality was still intact.

However, despite the fact that many women are ready to go into casual sexual relationship with men, and men also walk down the streets hunting women sexually, incest is still practiced. The basic things we need to do is to pay extra-ordinary attention to Homes so that things like this won’t continue ito thrive in the society most especially in a religious gathering where morality and holiness should be the guiding principle. Halleluiah!

8 responses to “Celestial Shepherd Who Impregnated Daughter Blames Wife For Incestuous Act (Photos)”

  1. Evangelist Henry says:

    Either one church or Another, is this not so stupid of him,
    to do such to his Daughter? It shows the Man is mad…

  2. Pro Benson says:

    Pls you news broadcaster, investigate matter well before putting it to air, u can contact Omo Edema for this. The man is not celestial Shepherd and I pray God forgive you all

  3. Pro Benson says:

    Why are people like saying what is not abt celestial church of christ, the man is not celestial member as the has said on the program, tune your radio to 88.9fm Saturday around 8pm to 10pm and hear the truth. Because I don’t know why you pple painting celestial church of christ black.

  4. Tomiwa says:

    hey, wonders shall never end, Oluso agutan indeed ,aah dis is a tabboo, Na me born am, na me give am belle,d so called shepherd is to be sentenced to jail so as to teach odas a great lesson, ijo Mimo a gbe wa o

  5. yomi Newton says:

    what role do you expect from the wife ? I couldn’t read from the above report what role the shepherd wife allocated to the daughter to be sleeping partner of her father.
    of a truth ,so much trainings are expected for the management of the church as a whole. if the shepherd is trained , what of the wife and the children? When the man himself got into sherpherdhood with circumstantial calling! Can we borrow a leaf from other churches by ensuring that the ministry is sanitised. When a shepherd is posted to a place ,is he considered with his responsibilities ranging from the wife disposition ,his children schooling and health liabilities? When the man is saddled with the wife needing to fend for the family and the children would make do with any available situation ,then we still have hurdles of social and spiritual realities to cross. If any shepherd is coming to a place ,there should be personality screening and verification of his status – which should include his family history ( assets and liabilities). This is necessary to know his state of mind ,there is nothing out of place if( spiritual) psychologist is part of the screening committee . if it wasn’t his daughter he could have taken a member’s daughter to blame the wife.
    my home take is that we pay little attention to the shepherd plight and expect so much spiritual unpolluted blessings. How many Celestians have a separate envelope for their pastor outside the normal tithe and offering ? how many would do monthly or weekly shopping of foodstuffs for their shepherds? how many do remember that the shepherd and his house hold need medical intervention? Do we remember that the children of the shepherd need to go to school ? it needs us to know that the shepherd has children that need employment after graduation ! my brethren ,we all have our blame of the accusations ,not only the wife ! we contribute to the shepherd trouble by not realising that they are human being like us ! the men of God from the Bible are separated for God’s work with all provisions dedicatedly ascribed to them. it beats my imagination that most shepherds have been turned to ‘ beggars’ / swindlers all in the name to survive and look like other people !
    What he did was bad, what’s the church doing about it ,he needs Medical intervention, the daughter and the wife too, and that depends if he is one wife shepherd! Another angle of topic!

  6. buhari Oluwagbemiga says:

    sometime I wonder ,how this so call shepherd get their anointing without been examine before they were anointed at imeko as a shepherd. God of celestial enough of this drama ,don’t wait too much cos this demonic shepherd will turn ur beloveth church to Sodom and gomorah . hmmmmm I pray dat hmmmm

  7. Marvin Kenny says:

    This is really bad.

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