Celestial Star, Steve Pelemoh (Brobro) Down With Stroke

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brobroThis message I got now from one of our members is not palatable. One of the best singers in the church, Snr. Evang. Steve Pelemoh a.k.a Brobro is said to be down with paralysis otherwise known as STROKE.

According to the woman, Adebukola Omo Majemu, who displayed this on her Facebook wall said the authority should rise up to help this man that has done much for the church. No doubt, Brobro is a glory in Celestial Church of Christ and we should not allow such a candle to burn out without its flame been fed.

“Could you believe that baba Brobro has been down with stroke since October? What is the authority of the church doing about his case. It is a crime to keep quiet on this. Let’s rise up and share this till the authority wakes up to their role.. And let all Celestians that appreciate him rise up to the occasion. He deserves to be cared for…”

Dear Celestians, this is a clarion call, let’s do the needful and make Baba Bro well again.

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17 responses to “Celestial Star, Steve Pelemoh (Brobro) Down With Stroke”

  1. Samuel Imeh, Ikorodu, L/S says:

    I earnestly seek for God’s divine healing and strength for our daddy, I’m not a celestial member but when I see true men of God I get touched by the way God uses them. And for us all its not time to start pointing fingers, we need to call upon God with one voice and I believe God our savour in heaven will hear us speedily IJN.

  2. Kaypraiz says:

    I could vividly remember that my parents joined celestial church in the early 80s through baba bro bro song. I wonder why such a man should be abandoned, in times like this.

  3. kuku adesina says:

    faith always goes beyond the natural, which is why it attracted mockery, can you imagine the mockery that Abraham must have suffered as he went about announcing his new name to the people in his community, a childless man calling himself the father of many nations, he must have been the object of scorn and ridicule, yet he did not stagger at the promise of God, because of what he has seen. Bro Bro is a man of calling, his calling is ordained by God, no matter the persicution bro is facing, it’s just a temporary one, his God cannot fail him, May the hand of God touch and heal him , healing is for every child of God, i declare the glory of God to establish and sustained him in good health condition

  4. Say Sammy says:

    All Celestial choristers should rise to assist Baba BroBro
    He is d first Choir Master in CCC
    The first to release Album dedicated to CCC
    Despite all challenges in CCC he stood by God
    I wish him soonest recovery

  5. Modupe fasoyiro says:

    Oh my ghosh!!!! I am sorry to hear about Baba Bro bro’s ailment. My prayer is that he gets the much needed help before its too late. You are healed IJN. He was my Choir master at Itunuoluwa parish. All CCC Choristers should rise up to this clarion call.

  6. HSE FASAN. says:

    I Pray DAT Di chief physician of Di universe DOCTOR JESUS with his infinite mercy will heal BABA BOROBORO, wishing him quick recovery IJMN,

  7. Faderera Akkey says:

    can u pls paste his details?

  8. seyi says:

    Alagba Peter u talk well.we dnt appreciate peoples effort in celestial.

  9. Micheal says:

    It Is Very Dishearting To Hear D About Brobro Health I Pray God Of Celestial Heal Him There Is No Love In C C C Imo Ti Ara Eni Lamo

  10. Peter Olaosebikan says:

    The guy was at Luli, pastor’s aides saw that he wasn’t in his right frame of mind. That guy has suffered for a glorious church like Celestial. Where is Remi Olabanji? Where is Imole Ayo? Even the small boy amongst them Seyi Solagbade, they are all living in penury. Look at Sola Allyson that went to Redeemed, that lady is appreciated and you can see the glory of God in her. The talentless ones like Femi Opalemo, Mega 99 are the ones reigning because there is no herbalist place they have not entered. Forget about the white garment they wear. Femi Opalemo and his dad are sworn enemies because the man told him that he’s no longer interested to give him ajesara, again because of his heaven, he sent the man back to Ilaro. If I open on Opalemo for you, nobody will want to come near him at Imeko. Baba Bro Bro who has been the true gospel singer, abusing the bad characters of our people are now abandoned. I pray he dies in that stroke and leave you people in this sinful world and gain heaven. Even if you rally round him now, what happens when he’s healed? And your pastor are fighting over pastorship, collecting money from ogboni shepherds, o ma se o.

  11. Hero David says:

    Thank you Alonge for bringing this to our notice. I am sure the church, mist especially, Makoto knows the guy is bedridden, they kept silent about it without raising an alarm. They want him to die so they can eat cow. What am I even doing in this church? Is this the kind of shephetds God is calling me for to join? I will rather go back to Islam than allow these buffoon called shepherds to be NY contemporaries.

  12. Hero David says:

    It’s a pity we don’t have a structure in Celestial Church. As said by someone that the least amount the church will give him is 20k. What a useless pastor and followers. And this is a church that has billionaires amongst you. Dirty money you all have. Where is Jorothom money now, he is hanging at the mercy of God. The same way Transmission went, he’d going there too. Hmmmm

  13. Oluso Funsho says:

    This woman has cured two stroke patients that I am aware of with her products, even cancer, her name and number, Star Adeola 08080371732. I am sure she will provide a solution . She even has some scan machine to determine the kind of products to give to him. May God heal him. Amen

  14. Mary Sebastine says:

    I simply urged all elders who knows much about stroke cure to rise up to that task now. Thanks. As for authority, they owe him only 10k and maximum of 20k for something else i dont want to mention. Awon Agbaya

  15. Akindurodemi Israel says:

    May God heal him. I respect the glory of God in him so much.

  16. Nazarite says:

    Wow, may the Lord heal him

  17. Ekundayo says:

    Can any one inbox me baba brobro number

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