Celestial University: Why Rev EMF Failed To Sign Out Money For It

June 21, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / ARTICLE / 1 Comment »

Celestial Church of Christ has grown large to the extent that we can’t count how many number of Parishes we have scattered all over the globe.

Many orthodox and Pentecostal churches we know in Nigeria such as Anglican, Baptist, Redeemed Christian Church of God ( Redeemer’s University, and Winners (Convenant) to mention a few all have Universities attached to the name of the church, including MFM.

It was then established that the registered BoT who is at present in court with Rev EMF to seek redress for their illegal sack, planned big to put up sprawling edifices for the Celestial University.

As a matter of fact, it was revealed then that, some members of the church were ready to support building classrooms and libraries of international standard. What now happened?

There are rumours that Rev EMF who was the principal signatory failed to sign for some money to kick-start the project because his brother, Gabriel, as alleged, was to clear the land meant for the varsity for a certain amount with rented equipment and the same amount, as #cno was reliably informed, almost bought the machine he was meant to borrow for the clearing.

The BoT, we gathered, said, instead, they would buy and pay labourers to do it while the machine remains CCC Property, because of this, EMF was alleged to have refused to sign the money out.

Sometimes at #cno, we wonder if this Oshoffa dynansty (those who think anti-clockwise amongst them) knows that this church is a communal church owned by God. There are several written and audio visual evidence that buttresses this fact, why do they think it is their right to do certain things in the church?

That the church allows some things to go doesn’t mean some of us are weak, it is just that we won’t want to be caught in the web of dragging issues with the founder’s children.

I am sure they know that this is the last time any of them will touch closely to that seat of power, either illegally or legally. So, the one with five wives in five years nurturing the ambition should go and ask his prophets to see clearly for him. It is a dead adventure, he shouldn’t even dream of it.

For the forward-thinking members of this church, it is high time they stand to make sure that our church becomes something more than just an ordinary church.

Adding an institution to the name of the church might even help the youth in Celestial Church and not only in Celestial Church but all over Nigeria, and across the nation. Our leaders in Celestial Church should take a look at this if something can be done in achieving this feat.

Many Shepherds are not financially buoyant to send their children to a private university, the next thing they do is throw their children into becoming shepherds without proper education first; this has become a serious plague affecting the growth of our church.

Celestial Church of Christ has great lecturers and Professors who can help in lifting the standard of our various citadels of learning for Celestial youth and other people in the country to benefit from but they will rather plant mediocre to do some certain things.

The ones who are well-lettered lack the wisdom of God, they only claim what God has not given to them, and education without wisdom is zero. So, we practically have zero people in the administrative arm of the church with rebrobate hearts only working for a pay cheque.


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One response to “Celestial University: Why Rev EMF Failed To Sign Out Money For It”

  1. Gbenga Jide Oduyemi says:

    May God continues to spare the life of the registered BOT in good health to enable them put in place all the necessary resources for the future growth of the church before answering the glorious home call.

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