CELESTIAL What Can You Give In Exchange? A Touching Story

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fisayo-joelI’m happy to share this piece with you.

Presently, I have received great recommendations home and abroad with uncountable calls, messages on Facebook, Whatsapp and even my mails about some of my write ups so far. The greatest amongst of all are the non-celestial members who begin to change their wrong perception and see our church in good shape.

As at 09:26am, 14th of November 2016 that am writing this letter, we have 56 members who left CCC to another denomination came back as full member with what they’ve read so far on my wall.

Four (4) persons from other religion members converted to Celestial Church of Christ while 16 Pentecostal members also joined us with facts and figures (I don’t know of others who am yet to receive their notifications).

On Sunday, 13th of November 2016 before leaving to Hamoshia Parish where I was supposed to minister, a pastor from one of the best Pentecostal churches in Nigeria scheduled me for a short meeting. We met at Abule Egba, an outskirt of Lagos he told me, he used to be a member of CCC 12 years ago but left because of what a Shepherd did to him and his family (He narrated the story compendiously).

He continued by saying “I am one of the best readers of many posts on your wall and I fell in love with your spiritual understanding.”

Jokingly, he asked me “can you join my church and we’ll make everything available for you, car, house, just name it?”

I smiled and said No Sir! (He noticed I came to the fast food with a cab that dropped me)

He asked again “Are they appreciating your efforts in doing this?”

I replied by saying “Am doing this for the glory of God in my church”

To cut the long story short, he volunteered one of his sons who has been longing to be a friend to join me anytime am going for a ministration.

Guess what?

He sang Hymn 429 for me with sweet voice “MA SISE LO M’A SE WA ISINMI….”  Tears rolling down my cheeks when I joined him singing.

He hugged me and gave me a beautiful Bible.

Moral of the Lesson

There is something you carry that the world is waiting for.

For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God (Romans 8:19)

As a member of this great fold (Celestial Church of Christ) let the glory of God begins from You and I.

The wisdom to do the right thing at the right time for the glory of God, receive it now in Jesus Name.

I am Fisayo Joel

One response to “CELESTIAL What Can You Give In Exchange? A Touching Story”

  1. Akindurodemi Bidemi says:

    I’m happy that you are a celestian. Brother, I really commend you. Keep doing the work of God. Many prophets/ shepherds have tainted the image of this glorious church, in one way or the other. Yet,we still have the good ones in amidst. I ‘m proudly celestian. I join celestial 24year ago, to God be the glory, I have know regret. All we need is unity and harmony. Without been told, I know our exist. I hope see u some day. You are wonderful man of God. Keep it up, sir.

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