Celestians, If You Find Yourself Doing This, Find Time To Stop It Now

October 20, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Code Of Conduct / Add Comment »

Many Celestians think that they can do just what they want because the house of God is “your father’s house” as most Celestians say. Though it is true the church is your father’s (God) house and you are a child of God, it is still very necessary to give due respect and honor to God.

  1. Late Coming To Church: Attending Jerimoyahmah is very important for all Celestians so to be worthy of the service that day by the Angel of God. Many Celestians don’t even meet the processional Hymn but give a series of excuses for not meeting up.
  2. Picking Up Calls During Service: The act of always running out to pick up calls with your phone ringing out so loud is an inappropriate habit. This is common among the Choristers and youth, especially the ladies. It is a bad habit to pick up calls right inside the church while the service is going on. You won’t even dare that in the Courtroom. Doing this during services shows where your heart, your values, and priorities are. Stop it.
  3. Looking At Your Wrist Watch: Many Celestians do this very well, especially when the sermon seems to be boring to them. Anytime you look at the church watch or your wristwatch during service, you are insinuating that service should end. It is not a wise thing to hurry or rush out of God’s presence.
  4. Converging Outside The Church: This is common among instrumentalists and church vocalists or drummers. Most of them gather to discuss either football, politics, or about a particular girl in the choir stall.
  5. Leaving Church Before Close Of Service: Most ladies in the Church often leave Church early without any mission for leaving most times. Stop it. Every single line in the order of CCC service is spiritually given and must be religiously respected.


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