Challenging The Leadership Of CCC, Rev EMF To Do The Right Thing

August 11, 2022 / Alonge Michael / CNOTV / 2 Comments »


I have heard and read opinions of some people calling me out that I am too insolent, that I do not have respect for the seat of Pastor. Some have even gone as far as saying I disrespect Rev EMF Oshoffa etc. Well, that to me, is their personal opinion about me and it doesn’t represent me at all.

Firstly, I have not disrespected Rev EMF Oshoffa and his squad in any way, they are the ones who have bastardized and disrespected the noble seat of Pastor with all kinds of immoralities which include hatred, lack of love, love of money, worship of idol to mention a few.

As a member of this church, I want to believe that I have the right to express my opinion when the leaders are not doing what represents us as true Celestial Church members. So, every right-thinking Celestian must protect the seat of Pastor. Right thinking I did say.

When Elijah challenged Ahab at their meeting to bring all the Israelites and all the prophets of Baal and Ashera (850 of them) to Mount Carmel did they see him being disrespectful? Only Elijah represented the interest of God in the Kingdom of King Ahab. I am not even alone in this struggle.

Like Elijah who felt so hopeless, alone, and afraid (but I am not afraid) over what has become of the Kingdom because of how and what the elders have turned the Kingdom (church) into, he was so depressed and wanted to die.

Similarly, many of us are in this situation at the moment. The people who claim to know better are not in any way known at all. We have all kinds of people who have sold their souls to the devil ruling the church.

Why we are not afraid is simply because even before now, God has revealed all that would be happening, some we have talked about, many we keep for their fulfillment but one thing is sure, If Elijah had faced the powerful King and challenged him to do the right thing, I think doing same to any Ahab destroying this church is not out of order. Ire o!


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2 responses to “Challenging The Leadership Of CCC, Rev EMF To Do The Right Thing”

  1. Concerned member says:

    When the BOT lied to EMF using mouths of prophets saying that “GOD has chosen him” they should have expected things to go wrong from the beginning. We are in a world of causality (Karma). it’s the BOT with prophets who played GOD partition unduly, who moved to pick EMF( he didn’t ask them anything). Then it’s them who have to move to him again, to stress themselves to settle things again. They should ask openly to him and the church to forgive them for lying about his call and misleading EMF and the church into thinking that EMF is Pastor in the beginning. the BOT created the monster they have to bear the cross for that.

  2. Sup/evang.Omoba.JP. says:

    I will like to also compliment Alonge on his submission over disrespectful to the pastor,my fellow celestians if truly the pastor seat has the fear of God he shld be the one to respect people’s voice known to be voice of God but he turned a deaf ear to this and gives room to devil to operate, what’s his gains with all this happenings,who is advising him cos I don’t even understand, what will it take fr the pastor to meet the BOT that install him on the throne and settle the rift and move the church forward and allow peace to reign but his heart is so harden like the first son of the devil (Pharaoh).

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