The Choir Must Adhere To This Rule Religiously

May 18, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 2 Comments »

Descendants of David Mass Choir is one of the musical groups in the church that are propagating the work of God through music in the fold. DOD as they are fondly called is not relenting on their oars to making necessary correction in some areas where the choirs have gone wrong in terms of teaching and doctrine concerning the formation of the choir in CCC.

It’s well known to everybody that there are laid down rules and principles guiding every denomination in which Celestial Church is one of them. You can’t mount the Altar of RCCG as a vocalist without going through workers training, some, Bible Believers Class etc. Celestial Churches shouldn’t be that desperate to allow people without garment come into the choir loft, as it’s also part of the inner Altar. This is a message they are passing across to the choir this time.


It’s becoming norm for the choir of CCC to allow people in muftis into their choir stand during occasions in the church, these people are allowed in because they are instrumentalists or engineers and their services are always needed during this time. Allowing people not in sutana into the choir stand has adverse effects on the choir and the church as a whole. The choir stand is the store house of CCC and from there songs which bring healing and spirit to the church to liberate the church from any shackles of Satan but immediately an ‘outsider (any one not in the cloth given to CCC)’ enters, the choir who allowed them becomes like king Hezekiah, who foolishly revealed the secrets of his kingdom to outsiders and at the end they came to take everything away as said by God through the prophet (2 kings 20:12-18), they lose that authority.

Invariably, these strangers will come into the choir stand and all the blessings portioned for the choir will be given unto them when they leave, they would be elevated but the choir members would remain at a spot or if they are elevated they won’t be to the standard of the people they brought in.

May we not lose our portion due to carelessness in Jesus Christ name.”

This is a serious warning, I hope the heads of choirs in the fold would look into this and do the needful. May God bless His people! Amen!!!

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2 responses to “The Choir Must Adhere To This Rule Religiously”

  1. A/V/S/M Bolaji ( says:

    please let this be published or forwarded to the pastors in council for necessary action and pass across if approved, Infact kudos I love this, more anointing

  2. OGD says:

    hmm! only the churches that are not of holy spirit will go against this. lets all come back to our senses…

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