Choristers React To Ceremonial Cape Story…Indict Leaders For Setting Precedent

May 1, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 4 Comments »

It’s no longer silent mood as usual in the church as it used to be. The story we posted hours back has generated a lot of controversies. One of the responses to the story has it that the leaders of the church should be blamed for setting such precedent.

According to one sis Toyin from Salvation Parish, she said, “ Yes we have ceremonial choir dress, since the year our elders introduced white overall for evangelists and above including L/S/S/E/S and MC started wearing white overall, the choirs also use the choir rope colour used by the organists as ceremonial choir dress.”

Another one said, “Yes there is… This cape has always been there, it’s usually used for Cantata. And the vocalist would wear the big type (white with blue tape round the neck). That’s what central choir choirmaster wears. It is not a wrong cape pls.”

This is a case of what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander. Now, we can see that the youth are already following the footsteps of their leaders. May God help the church! Amen!!!

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4 responses to “Choristers React To Ceremonial Cape Story…Indict Leaders For Setting Precedent”

  1. Kehinde Ayodeji says:

    It is very wrong. CCC Choir colors are blue tapped with yellow and this has deep spiritual meaning. Any CCC choir not following this color code has lost it

  2. abidun esther says:

    Ever since I was born into d fold, hv nt seen such thing before
    Hmmm we r d leaders of tomorrow we need to correct d footsteps of our today leaders and nt d other way round….
    Ijomimo on baje oooooooo

  3. Adenike says:

    Ijo mimo, is this how its been laid down for us? The yellow and blue colour of the choir has a biblical backing and it is spiritual. Where and how did this come to be? Even if the church and leaders are doing it wrong, should we levites that leads people to the presence of God follow suit? It is bcos we don’t understand our calling as a minister in the vineyard. I see all these as distractions and, we are more particular about ceremonial outfits than what God has called us to do.
    We need help from above.

  4. Bukola says:

    Smiles, sure all created during annointment exercises. Venerable and Most, assistant, special, non special all in the name of money, Loins ineffective again through Chicken feathers

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