When Christ Visited Ire Akari Parish….A Message For The Church

April 15, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 2 Comments »

Olufunmi Akinfenwa, the prophetess who said she was with Baba Oshin and others to deliver a message of who the pastor is has delivered yet another message but for the Ire Akari Parish members and other small churches around.

“On 26 of February this year I, prophetess Olufunmi Akinfenwa was in my apartment in Abeokuta on this sunny Sunday tired and restless so I decided to relax for some minutes. it was actually around 1pm precisely but I can say I didn’t fall asleep really because my husband was chatting with me from the sitting room while I lied down on the floor because of heat but to my surprise after some minutes, I couldn’t figure out what happened, all I could see is my humble self in Church garment standing in front of a Church busy searching the bags looking for something I guess.

Then I heard some footsteps coming towards my direction, so turned to see who was coming and I was a tall man, fair in complexion wearing full yellow regalia and deep blue loin across, I was still busy outside searching my same white bag even though I don’t have bags of such colour then I heard the man talking behind me so I turned to listen to him and he said “I have visited many churches today across the nation but I was actually coming from IRE AKARI Parish, you know what and I answered sir, I know nothing, because have not been to the parish before, so he continued he said some parishes do not experience my blessings because they don’t take proper care of My House, they complain too much while the big parishes  enjoy my blessings because they are more concerned about the growth and beautification of My House.

I bless them because they care so much for My House.” I was actually looking at him as if I was talking to a ghost then he took some steps away from me as if going, Then suddenly he stopped and turned back pointing a finger to me he said and you, I was seriously shaking and answered in fear sir, he said “stop complaining, you complain too much, contribute in building and beautifying my church and see if I will not bless you richly.”

I wanted to say something then I opened my eyes-only to see myself on the floor. I don’t know the parish and I have not been to there before but I decided to send this to CCC online after I read a story about one Ire Akari donating towards Imeko Cathedral project, I was surprised the Parish does exist then I realized it was not just a vision but a message to the Church, Celestial worldwide and me in particular but what I don’t understand is the white bag and what I was searching for inside.

He said the small churches are not experiencing my blessings, ‘” the small churches” please.”

Editor’s Note: the above message was sent to us and we felt it necessary to send it across to all Celestians to known about what God is saying concerning the Imeko Cathedral. I have stopped complaining myself too because I don’t want to be a hindrance to God’s work. It doesn’t matter that the Imeko Cathedral was abandoned and Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa erected a gigantic edifice for himself. All will give account of his or her stewardship before the throne of God, many pastors will not even get to that throne let alone giving an account. So, “Small parishes” it’s your time now to be blessed. Imeko Cathedral project is calling you all!

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2 responses to “ When Christ Visited Ire Akari Parish….A Message For The Church”

  1. Observer says:

    There are so many prophesises, how many of that have they listened to? They don’t obey the messages from God anymore since someone can come with cowries that Papa Oshoffa gave it them to install Pastor Mobiyina. Eleya yin o ni pe de. Ojo esin yin ti su, ko ro lo ku.

  2. Akintoye Henry says:

    God bless you my prophetess Akinfenwa, endowed you more spiritually

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