Church Build Up: Here Are The Digital And The Analog Leaders

December 10, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Church Build-up / 1 Comment »

Since CCC was founded by God through the Pastor, founder Rev. S.B.J Oshoffa, all that he laid down, to date, nothing has been re-structured, no new design or things. Don’t mention Basilica, please. “Papa Oshoffa laid the foundation, Our work is to build the structure on it. What kind of structures are we building on the foundation?

Brother Niyi Tabiti On CNO Nation said, “Papa did not build Basilica, He laid the foundation… But people came and improved on it. I don’t think that was the initial design. Same way, we can improve on many areas of the church”.

Truth be told, CCC is still standing on the old structure of the founder, The world is changing, and CCC needs to change too in so many aspects. We need visionary architects, we need builders of tomorrow’s CCC. We need to foresee and look beyond now for CCC to be a better place to worship.

The likes of Baba Pius Olarewaju are deep thinkers, people who wish to advance the church selflessly but the selfish interest of some people including the head of the Ketu faction, Rev EMF, has caused the delay and backwardness the church is witnessing today.

Sincerely, we barely have genuine kingdom investors, and builders because many of them are after their selfish interests and it’s not helping the church grow. Are we still on “Papa So pe” or we are after new things and what will improve the church?

Is it not obvious now that the real true leaders are those who promised to build a university within a stipulated time and are asked to step down while analog members are asked to step in? Since the emergence of those people almost two years now, what has happened to the church? Is it not from glory to zero structure-wise? And you think we do not have an error as a leader! Open your eyes, mind, and spirit to reality brethren.

Even those that are ready to work are not allowed to work because most elders don’t want good things to happen. If we really want to change the structure of the old CCC then we must be ready to have right-thinking members to advance the church.

CCC is still working with the old system. The world of the 1960s is not the same now. CCC should have improved on what Papa Oshoffa laid down but we kept on referring to what he said without improving on it. There are many projects which are left undone but due to the ‘I don’t care attitude’ they are left undone. How can we improve or progress, with these errors in our midst? May God help His church!


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One response to “Church Build Up: Here Are The Digital And The Analog Leaders”

  1. Alagba Ijo says:

    There is a major difference between a BUILDER and a TAKER, the current leaders are LOOTERS.

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