The Church Is Working On The Constitution To Restructure Its Operations & Administration- Baba Banjo

April 29, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 11 Comments »

concerning the constitution of the church, CCC, in one of the court cases of the church, one of the presiding judge said the leadership should look into the aims of the constitution to make it serve the purpose for which it was meant for thus making it more useful instrument to guide the accommodate of necessary principles expected in a standard organization registered under CAC.

According to NAN, t he court further ruled that the appointment of a pastor in the church needs re-articulating in a new constitution.

“The trial judge set aside all claims to the position of the church. In this regard, the board of trustee as one of the defendant has already appeal against the court ruling,’’ he said.

Banjo said that the church was working on the constitution to restructure its operations and administration.

“The church has commenced work on the constitution in response to another court decision for the church to go and find a peaceful solution to its problems.

“The interim draft produce by the committee is receiving necessary attention and the committee has resumed work to produce the final draft for the consideration of all stakeholders of the church,’’ he said.

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11 responses to “The Church Is Working On The Constitution To Restructure Its Operations & Administration- Baba Banjo”

  1. Lucky King Emuoghener says:

    Editor Sir.
    When reporting matter in court, state the parties and date of the ruling, then the jurisdiction. God bless you.

  2. Nkwachukwu says:

    This man is a very dishonest man they have been restructuring the constitution and administration vof the church for the past nearly 10 years now is he not ashamed of himself, at his age or their age nothing good comes out of them rather playing politics with the church of God

  3. ayokanmi says:

    Do you think sir we are as foolish as your master(devil)? you are just shouting all because you want to acquire wealth for yourself and generation to come( imagine). The church we know some years back is not what we are seeing now, we only read it in bible that we have diversity of Holy spirit but they all work in one unlike celestial church of Christ’s sake we now have diversity of pastors who are working to make money for their mouth having forgotten some has done the same and they are no more again. we are tired of seeing and hearing different pastors in fact when the time shall come all those pastors family will share from the coming punishment.

    i only know one pastor and which was SBJ oshoffa.

  4. JACOB Farinmade says:

    Let me say it categorically & emphatically that CCC being a peculiar Church of Christ- in administration, in organization, in reformation, in rejuvenation & in formation of ideas & concepts of growth with functioning, it is outright carnal reprobate, foolish, and of great delusion to receive advice from the flesh or to think that we members have right to specify or discern the ‘new constitution’ . Otherwise, human intrusion, digressive human wisdom, and many wrong errors would be created in it and it shall be more calamitious in future. Besides, no such action should be done when the church is still in division, disarray, and in tulmult, even when some of you are claiming things are alright in your reprobacy. Let us wait until the God of celestial intervenes. He owns , He guides, He dictates what & when event can be established.

    • Nkwachukwu says:

      You are not making any sense or meaning you are only interested in telling us that you are able to put grammar together. When you are done let us know.

  5. Odebo says:

    You are just disgracing yourselves because you have failed the Church it’s not the interest of God that you are all protecting rather your selfish motives but when it is time you will all give account of your doing IJN. Celestial we joined forty years a go is not what we are seeing now.Every member should ignored these so calls leader’s of deceit and focus on true worship. Celestial city still under construction after three decades of papa departure yet they are calling themselves leader

  6. Evang. Isreal O.A says:

    These so call leaders are nothing but agents of Satan sent to stop this great fold in achieving her objectives and goal.

    History will not forgive and forget the damages and setback you have caused

    Awon Ole,Awon Alawo

  7. Bishop says:

    Those who are saying the youth should not make use of the social media to attack these people are senseless. If you know the gravity of frauds these people commit everyday, most especially that Baba Yemisi, you will be shocked because no one was talking. But now, the case is diffetent, we will expose you all, thank God for cno and other social network media, we will expose you till the church is put back to its former place. The leaders are all into Ogboni, all doing all sorts of things to make the people fear them. You can only act, you can’t do nothing with a lot of youths who are saying no to your ways.

  8. Titilayo Eletu says:

    Can someone ask these people what they did to the article of Famakinwa two years ago where he told Mibiyina to step down and become Pastor Meritous! His letter and another letter from highly intellectual people suggested he should be a kingmaker because eof his father’s stake while they get a vibrant, young, energetic, spiritually inclined, able person to run things about the church but what did they do to the letter? Ask them if it has been executed. All they do is to claim CCC worldwide on emptiness. Do you people even have brains at all? Well, it’s time for you to pack your things and vacate that place for new blood to tun things. We are tired of thieves, fraudsters, liars to be running the affair of our church.

  9. Akinleye Emmanuel says:

    We have seen and read this same topic since the supreme court judgement between late Baba Bada vs Baba Owodunni in year 2000. Please we are tried of this history of constitution draft, because the present constitution is not been implement then how are we sure that this plan constitution will see light of the day; about 3 year ago some people came up with a draft constitution in which EMF gave them 100k, late baba Maforikan gave them 100k, we saw the soft copy of the draft constitution but nothing happen after that, It become important that someone need to be sekeptical with Baba Banjo statement because the same man that can’t account for 60 million naira but using the constitution issue to move attention away from the real issue.
    This was not the way celestial church was, when Baba Banjo joined CCC according to history so, Baba banjo don’t have the moral standard to address the church because he has failed us as a leader,Baba banjo should resign honourably. We are tried of fail people. We seriously need sincere and committed leader to move the church to her place of glory.

  10. Sup. Ldr. Josiah says:

    Another ways of cover up in the name of constitutional renewal? A case of Shonekan against Emf Oshoffa at ilaro final judgement states that they should get constitution renewed and what has become the outcome since then? They only sought stay of execution wrongfully and that has been appealed at court. Judgement has been pronounced remember but asking for stay of execution after acceptance of judgement. Something is wrong with the of Owodunni and Baba Bada at supreme court.same was pronounced. Now a jugde ask pastor emf Oshoffa to find peaceful means to resolve crisis. If monetary interest is placed above ccc welfare as a whole. There can never be settlement. But chaos. Why is it now that Baba Banjo is speaking on constitution drafting when they refused to listen to their Board co member when the going was good? Another game in play. No to deceit. If therey must be drafting committees, you must all call for stakeholders input regardless of faction. 70 anniversary planning without all stakeholders presence is null and void. Where is Edith Oshoffa and Ebenezer Oshoffa? Where are the other factional leaders representatives. We are far from Truth due to Ketu return.

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