Clapham Parish: Letter From Omoba Concerning Church Funds, Separation Of Roles, Other Issues

May 13, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 3 Comments »

Unknown to many, Omoba Bisi Odukoya, a Sup. Evang. was part of the people that eventually quenched the ‘inferno’ at a parish of the church located at Clapham, UK, over some proven and unproven allegations of misconduct brought against the shepherd in- charge, Adigun

Before his letter, Omoba Bisi called to intimate us about his intention to write an open letter to us to bring a closure to the Clapham Parish saga and other sundry issues concerning the leadership of the church.

See the letter below:

Calvary Greetings to all and sundry on this platform and within our notable church. I had being following various reports and comments on this social forum “Celestial News Online” and I’m inundated with them, especially the Clapham Parish Episode, which I will hereby analyse as it is a microcosm of the entire Celestial Church of Christ worldwide.

As a quick recap, it is an issue of the shepherd being accused of certain wrong doings by the Church Management Committee and eventually, the Head of the Church wades in to mediate.

Before some of us start to criticise that church affairs cannot and should not be directed by cognitive knowledge (ogbon ori), let me remind you of Paul’s instructions mandating the appointment of management committee and his reasons. This clearly identifies that there is a thin line demarcation between Paul’s assignment (church spiritual leader) and those he suggested to appoint (management committee).

We should all be reminded that the effect of Holy Spirit was first felt during the ‘hideout’ of the disciples at the upper room. In practical sense, they ran there for fear of what authorities could do for them since their Master had been crucified. There would have been various differences but they had to put those issues behind them and work in one accord. This ability to eschew differences and embrace unity ushers in the descent of Holy Spirit.

Many pastors and shepherds tend to compare their decision making with that of Papa. They need to be reminded that they can NEVER move closer to his tactics because although there may be many pastors after him, there can never be another Founder of CCC.

Papa in his days combined both spiritual and management assignment because he was Rev Pastor Prophet which are (Spiritual) according to Paul Apostle. Papa was also the Founder (visioner/enterpreneur/chairman) of the ‘organisation’, hence he is responsible for the management. He called on ‘learned members’ to set up a proper structure, in form of constitution but we were left with only ‘history book’. Papa tactically relinquished his management power -Founder by declaring publicly that pastoral seat is not by seniority or heredity.

With the Clapham saga, I should believe that shepherds at various parishes should not get involved with the parish’s physical cash but adequate records.

To be continued…….

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3 responses to “Clapham Parish: Letter From Omoba Concerning Church Funds, Separation Of Roles, Other Issues”

  1. Evangelist Joseph Akindele. says:

    Sup Bisi Odukoya that is well said. I pray all shepherds look into this and agree that there is absolutely need for separation of powers for tranparency and the smooth running of the church. God bless celestial church of Christ.

  2. Superior Evangelist T Bisi Odukoya says:

    Although the present event happened at Clapham Parish, I want us all to see that my analysis is not peculiar to the parish only but the generality of CCC Worldwide. The event is a microcosm of what operates in most churches especially ‘white garments’
    I shall be stressing this further by explaining the role of adequate Leadership Management with reference to
    Roles and Division of Labour
    Conflict Resolution, to mention a few

    • The SON OF JEHOVAH in PH. says:

      Thank you sir, I think this is mostly welcomed now as we get to the that we have to start getting things right in this church because of tomorrow. For me as a person,the shepherds,elders and parochial members that have been able to talk to and some youths members of this church,have told them that the greatest problem WE have in this CHURCH is not but HIGHLY POOR management system.
      The administrative structure of CCC is porous and as it is now,am sorry to say the PASTORS can never get it right,no amounts of prayers and spiritual works can do it but this” The CHURCH must look outside to getting organization that will come in as an independent body to RESTRUCTURING the CHURCH,especially the Administrative and Financial Department of the church or alternatively the church should send out younger OPEN MINDED ONES out of Nigeria to go and study church management and administraton,while the Spiritual aspects is been handle by the Pastor and Shepherd of the fold. After the Administrative and Financial Department is been worked on,then the Shepherd,prophets/Prophetess,Vineyard workers and the Evangelists/Evangelism Department also and I BOLD say it that,once these are done we will definitely get things right in this church…All we need for OUR 70th Anniversary celebrations sir,is not CATHEDRAL celebrations but ” ONENESS in CCC as in the DAYS of OLD,RESTRUCTURE of CCC Administration and clear sperations of POWERs in the CHURCH and finally a GOOD WELFARE STRUCTURE for OUR Fathers and Mothers in the LORD that JEHOVAH ALMIGHTY has CALLED to carry the CROSS in the CHURCH..
      Thank you sir and God Bless this Great and Wonderful CHURCH of CHRIST…Amen.

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