Clapham Parish, London’s Feud Now Settled!

May 7, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 8 Comments »

To God be the glory! The on-going imbroglio at CCC Clapham Parish, London seems to be getting to the verge of reconciliation as well-meaning, spirit-led and guided members of CCC have waded into the matter.

As you are reading this, these people of impeccable character are already on the path to rejuvenate the Parish. The peacemakers are still in the parish praying for UNITY after Ketu representatives, Sup. Evang. Pius Olarenwaju and Baba Nunayon’s effort at bringing amicable resolution failed.

Full details coming soon!

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8 responses to “Clapham Parish, London’s Feud Now Settled!”

  1. Superior Evangelist Alphonsus Aihonsu says:

    Good day my brethren in the Lord. Iam happy now that everything is settled no matter how, that is God’s work for you. I will appreciate that we should jubilate with the House of God that devil was shamed st last. As rightly said, every party contributes to this fracas, noone is exonerated. Pointing out blames at this juncture, will not only re-ignite the wailing

  2. Samuel Ojo says:

    Many of the elders in Clapham parish are simply envious of Adigun, I also attended the service on Sunday and we thank God that Everything is settled!

    Many accusations were made against Adigun that were no true and was Created to tarnish the image of Adigun and the church, the men behind this are the real evil ones who have been eating the church money, if you dig deep you will come to find That Adigun does not have any control of the church finances but odumosu and his gang does…they have been secretly controlling Adigun and have been blackmailing him all these years because they are eating the church money, it was not until Adigun decided to stand up and dissolve the committee that they now started spreading false rumours about Adigun. I am not saying Adigun does not have his faults, we all do to be Frank even all the babas of Ketu have thier faults. But that is no reason to victimise someone. When this story first surfaced I believed odumosu and his cunning gang then I went to the meeting on Wednesday and I also done my own research and it came to light that all thier allegations were fals, odumosu and his gang made a BIG FOOL of themselves on Wednesday presenting old allegations from over 20 years ago. To be honest even if they were true the way odumosu and his Gang behaved throughout the whole thing was shameful and does not reflect mum of God that we’re trying to save the church. if you ask me, I think they were trying to cover up thier own dirty secrets (stealing church money) when Adigun wanted to dissolve the committee that has been thier for over 7 years – how can odumosu be chairman for 7 years!!!! Clearly this was a PLO for them not to be exposed once thier was a new committee. From what I can see the problems began in that church when Odumosu became chairman…he should just leave the church in peace and stop claiming he is doing Gods work when he is really doing the devils work. I will also not be coming back to that church because of Odumosu and his barbaric dictatorship ways! Many people I know have left because of him but he likes to blame the Shepard. I don’t believe these people are true Celestial anyways because if they were they would never behave the way they did no just to Adigun but to the elders of Ketu.

    And if you ask me, many of the negative comments here abou shepherd are probably from Odumosu and his Gangai also believe they are the ones who post the story to the sir in the first place. Some people are created to cause disorder and Tarnish the image of Celestial church. They have a track record of writing false and negative stories about people, giving false pretences that it is an outsider. May god forgive them for calling his name in vain. I will be leaving Clapham and I pray that the church I go to does not have people like odumosu, Eretusi and rotimi otherwise it will fall apart.

  3. Favour Ileri says:

    I sat down in CCC CLAPHAM PARISH service yesterday and I watched how our so called leaders were unable to say the truth because of reasons best known to them.

    I don’t know Sup Niyi Odumosu from Adam, the chairman of the church but I have heard a lot about his passion for God’s work from a member who used to be a choir of that same church when Sup Odumosu was the choir master. He is a strict and discipline man to the core and used that act of his to transform the choir and brought discipline to the choir according to what I was told.

    He became the chairman of the church afterwards and he practically wanted to bring that discipline into the church but the corrupt and wayward members of the church, along with the shepherd resisted it. Although sometimes the way Sup Odumosu talks sounded like as if the church is a military base, which obviously it is not. And whenever he is angry, it is difficult to calm him down, that is one of his weaknesses.

    When Sup Odumosu took over as the church chairman, as at the time the church was in a big mess financially with no money in the church account. The account was drained to red, with lots of outstanding balance on the church rent/ mortgage and other bills ranging from electricity, gas and many more. At least I was privy to this situation.

    Within 2 years as I can remember, sup Odumosu and his parochial committee made sure all the debt were cleared and he corrected all the church abnormalities financially and otheraise. I was so glad when he announced to the church that the mortgage full payment has been made. The church was renovated, the entire church roof was removed and replaced with a brand new one, new musical instruments for the choir, new media gadgets, new stairlif for the elderly, new double glazing windows for the church and many other things that the church initially lacked. And above all, leaving huge some of money in church account that was in red when he took over as the chairman. I remember about 2 weeks ago when he was given sermon and he said even if no one contributes in the church for the next 2 years, he has left enough money in the church account to keep the church going. Even if no one recognises this man’s effort , God does and I also do. I looked at him in the service yesterday as he looked up to heaven as these babas were talking down on him. I couldn’t go to him but I could only pray for him. But I love the way the Church matron stood for him and one other woman that I can’t remember her name. And they talked down on all the babas, and seeing that, all other supporters joined and the church was turned into a mess.

    In my opinion I think Sup Odumosu should have left the church after completing these outstanding projects he executed, but he stood behind to also try to correct the moral image of the church, and that was the Genesis of his fracas with Sup Adigun and his die hard fornicators and supporters.

    It was not easy. Every time I come to the church, I look at Sup Odumosu and within me I pray for him. Sup Adigun and the group plotted so many times to dent his image but God was always on his side. In the service yesterday I watched how the secretary to the diocese Sup Otteh(who was one time accused of stealing church money from CCC Elephant and Castle when he was the treasurer) was talking from the back of his mouth, trying to talk down Sup Odumosu. They all know the truth but all decided to intimidate Sup Odumosu and his group because they threatened to take the matter to court.

    Sup Odumosu is a man they all are supposed to embrace and recommend him to the pastor for an award for bringing Clapham out of dungeon. Even though sometimes the way he talks sounds ash and dictatoring, but he is a human being carried away with passion to deliver. He deserves to be celebrated.

    As I type this message I am also leaving CCC CLAPHAM for good. I will also advise Sup Odumosu to do the same as I don’t see Sup Adigun as a shepherd that’s ready to change.

    Sup Odumosu should just leave the church for them for the sake of his life and family. He should understand that is job is done in CCC Clapham and it’s time to move on into greater and better assignment that God has for him.

    I pray to God to uphold him and protect him . I pray to God to continue to be with CCC CLAPHAM, so that the labour of the founder baba oke will not go down in vain. I also pray to God to forgive Sup Adigun of all his sins and make him a Godly shepherd worthy of emulation.

    Good bye!

  4. ImoleOluwa D says:

    In as much as I want to support majority of your report Sister Mary Adetayo, I beg to disagree with some aspects of the information you supplied because I was also present in the church and witnessed everything happen life.
    First, it was not the speech of Superior Pius and Baba Nunayon that agrieved the congregation( although sup Pius was egoistic in some of his speech), let us fear God. It was the shepherd’s inlaw that was insulting and raining abuses on the former chairman of the. And when the former chairman Sup Odumosu could no longer take the insult, he voiced out to the elders to caution the guy because he was seated right behind Sup Odumosu.
    It was at this moments the elders including Sup Evang Ogunro and Sup Evang Utteh walked down to where Sup Odumosu was seated to caution Shepherd Adigun ‘s inlaw as well as took him away from where he was seated.
    And because it was a tensed situation, the agrieved party thought the Shepherd ‘s inlaw and Supporters were getting out of hand, and in the process of trying to express themselves, words were taken out of context, argument erupted. Baba Nunayon gave a speech of how he was disappointed by the show of shame by everyone and was about to leave when the whole congratulation begged him and he accepted thier apologies and promised to come back as suggested to him by Baba Shebioba and supported by the entourage.

    Sup Evang Ogunro did not remove his cape because he was agree, the environment was tensed and extremely uncompromising. It was just a coincidence that the removing of the Cape happen at that time.

    Let us not give the honour to Sup Evang Bolaji Bamisaiye because he was instrumental to some of the problems. He only used the opportunity that the environment was tensed to penetrate into both parties. I think the mistake Ketu representatives made was to leave the church, despite the fact that the congregation begged baba Nunayon to stay. They left the church when they were needed most, telling the congregation to come and notify them whenever they are ready for peace. That was very wrong and in my opinion neglect of essential duties. They were supposed to have waited and solve the church problem regardless of what transpired before then. Baba Nunayon wanted to stay and solve the problem but I heard baba shebioba saying they have been disrespected as elders, and as such they had to go and come back according to celestial norms. They misled baba Nunayon by telling him to postpone the conflict resolution talk. In my opinion baba Shebioba caused a lot of this problem from the beginning till date. He was inconsistent, he revealed so many information that was meant to be kept within to the public, Infact the matron of CCC CLAPHAM to him to his face as the problem of the church as well as the diocese. The mateon accused baba Sebioba to have collected bride from Adigun’s caucus which I don’t doubt in my opinion, looking at his inconsistencies.
    Ketu representatives and the entourage left CCC CLAPHAM church in that hurt situation where both parties needed a mediator to come in. Sup Evang Bolaji Bamisaiye saw that moment as an opportunity for him to come in and rebuild his image. And God helped him, he was able penetrate and issues were settled. I can only appreciate the church Parochial committee for embracing peace and I thank them for standing on the truth despite all intimidation from Adigun’ s supporters and some corrupt members of the diocese working for Adigun because of the money they have collected to sweep justice under the carpet.
    Lessons to learn :
    Adigun must now realise that there is nothing hidden from God. He is lucky to escape this time around but he might not be lucky next time. This is the time for him to change and leave all his disgraceful way behind and be a good shepherd.

    The Diocese is in shambles under the leadership of Baba Shebioba, I am sorry to say. Baba Fatusin should be allowed to perform his role accordingly without interference. Baba Fatusin was trying to do the right things for Clapham but Baba Shebioba wad busy collecting bride, thereby jeopardising the effort of Baba Fatusin. The diocese must get thier priorities right. CCC Clapham issue is a lesson for them.

    Ketu must learn to attend to issues at the needed time. Yoruba would say ” ojo ti oju ba ri ibi, ni ibi nwole “. They should have waited and solve CCC CLAPHAM issue rather than postponing it as advised by baba Shebioba. Also Sup Pius is a member BOT, and must act accordingly. He is on a mission to UK to resolve matters and not to showcase or boost about his wealth which is vanity. Nobody is interested in your wealth in UK. You ought to have pocked your wealth and perform your mission to settle conflict. Baba Nunayon, God bless you sir for your patience. Sir, as a father that you are, you will need to go back to CCC CLAPHAM and pray for them and have a revival for them to cleans the church from the dirty act of Adigun. Baba Nunayon should also take Adigun on a spiritual training for his future conduct

    All in all big lessons have been learn from CCC CLAPHAM. Lessons from the Parochial committee that was steadfast, truthful and Knew when to embrace peace for Christ sake, and also to the fact that no evil doings can be hidden. In all things let your conscience judge you because every one shall account for whatever they have done on earth.


  5. Yomi Newton Mrs says:

    Nice direction, enschew all bitterness for the growth of the church

  6. Omo cele ni mi says:

    Congratulations to the parish. I am sure you have learnt that at times it is better to listen inward, most times the solution to a conflict might just be within and not give negative publicity to the church. Ohun ti e wa lo si sokoto abe sokoto yin le ti wa ri. Clapham parish shall move in strength, grace, oneness and in true fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Wishing you all the best

  7. Cape Elder Sister Mary Adetayo says:

    Halleluyah 7x to God Almighty, Iam a living witness to the meeting, life and direct.
    After the service, precisely after Most Senior Female Elder’s (Mama Omiteru-Matron) prayer, the church was settled to seat for the second phase – CONFLICT RESOLUTION. Baba Shebioba introduced the purpose of the next mission and thereby called Evangelist Pius to take to the podium. In his address, Evangelist Pius explained their mission (Baba Nunayan and himself) as Ketu representatives to resolve the scuffle. He further said that their visit is a follow up to the previous meeting on Wednesday May 3rd which ended in the early hours of Thursday. Baba Nunayan in his submission gave detailed expanse of his calling to date in the church and worldwide. While speaking, some of his utterances annoyed some members to the extent of howling on him and refusal to listen to him. It actually went down to the extent of Baba Nunayan officially closing the meeting by sing “O ye wa……” and prayers. At his decision to leave the church, church members pleaded with him and he listened and stayed back. However, along the line Evangelist Pius made some comments that annoyed members again and this raised hot argument again. Matron and some female members of the church were annoyed, to the extent that Sup Evangelist Prophet (Dr) Tunde Ogunro, taking off his Blue Prophet Cape in annoyance. At the end of the day, the Ketu entourage had to leave in annoyance. After their departure, to God be the Glory, the Lord God Almighty raised an Internal Spiritual Mediator, Superior Evangelist Prophet Bolaji Bamisaye, who spoke eloquently to bring an everlasting resolution. In his speech, he recalled how Shepherd Adigun and his deputy, Evangelist Rotimi Ogunbayo worked together in ONE LOVE during the last New Moon Service, despite their grievances. It was on this, that he enjoined the waring individuals to sheath their swords while we establish a foundation for everlaating peace and unity at Clapham Parish (Ijo Olomo Wewe). The whole thing was resolved and eventually cemented with prayers from more than 7 members. Amidst the prayerists were the aggrieved individuals with the benediction from the Shepherd, Superior Evangelist Peter Ilesanmi Adigun.

    From my observation, the bone of contention here is lack of adequate knowledge in Leadership Management. This problem is not peculiar to Clapham parish only but typical of most CCC parishes, there should be a line of demarcation between Spiritual Calling (Shepherd) and Management assignment (BoT, Parochial, Management Committe).

    Ketu should realise that although the church originated from Africa, the Blue Book only covers Nigeria Diocese. Efforts should be made to protect the name of the church worldwide, this is covered by International Patent Treaty. Does any parish outside Nigeria have the Blue Book as their documentary evidences with the authorities in their various lands, The Pastor Founder made a valid point which have been followed accordingly, would have resolved all these issues ” ..e pa ofin ati ilana ilu ti ijo ba te do si mo..” , obey the rules and regulations of any nation, that the church may be etablished. This statement simply means that the Blue Book should be adapted to suit laws and regulations of various nations with the Blue Book, being an Annexe.
    We rejoice with the Shepherd and members of Clapham Parish that devil is finally put to shame. To God be the Glory always.

    • Joseph says:

      Sister Mary God bless you for your briefing and submission. Like you said there is difference between spiritual and management. Shepherds should face their spiritual callings and let the parochial committee do the management of the church. And truth must be said, Adigun is only given the second chance by God and he needs to change for good and embrace God. Everyone knows the kind of a shepherd Adigun is. He fornicates a lot and he has also embezzled the church money and that is why he is not in good term with the parochial committee. Let us say the truth. There is no member of CCC UK that does not know Adigun. The reason he has many followers is because he is a cheerful giver. He knows how to buy his way into the mind of the peope in order to gain thier supports.This is not the first time Adigun was suspended. If he wants to be a shepherd, then there are things that must not be heard from a shepherd.
      I salute the courage of the committee as they try to embrace peace and give Adigun a second for the sake of God.
      Adigun will definitely learn from this and take his calling serious, if at all he has any.
      I pray for the peace and grace of to God to continue to abide with CCC CLAPHAM PARISH.

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