Clapham Parish And Their Shepherd’s Saga

May 5, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 11 Comments »

Celestial Church of Christ in the western world should really not be expected to perfect all acts concerning the doctrine of the church. I have said it on a number of occasions that this church was sent from above to Africa just as Mecca is located at Medina.

So many things we do here are direct opposite of what they do abroad, like the issue of full-time priesthood for our shepherds here in Nigeria, it’s not the same in any part of Europe and America as a lot of the shepherds could be best referred too as Part-time clerics because they do other things such as delivery and dispatch. They work as paid-servers, security men, carers etc abroad, the reason is because, no church member will pay his bills. Every man to himself, God for all!

According to information at our disposal, the situation at Clapham, Parish which was initially being led by Sup. Evang. Adigun, is a tense one. The elders of the church are saying no to having Adigun as a Shepherd in charge of the parish with virtually 60% of the female members, mostly young ladies, are fully in support of him as their shepherd.

Some of the reasons tabled by the elders of Clapham parish before Baba Nunayon and Pius Olarewaju, who were delegated by Rev. Mobiyina Oshoffa to look into the case for peaceful resolution, are that, Shepherd Adigun has not been a good representative as serious of issues leveled against him, some of which he was cautioned not to confess or admit to (#CNO has a voice record of that)

The meeting held last Wednesday 3rd of May, 2017 started around 9pm and ended a few minutes to 5am the following morning, Thursday 4th, May 2017. If we are to put the voice record online, it will, no doubt, bring shame to the church that is divinely acclaimed to be the last boat of Salvation. But the God of Celestial is Holy and those who serve Him should be Holy. Anyone who cannot respect the rule and regulation of this church should float another church and give it his or her own name.

Keep your fingers crossed as we bring bits and pieces of the meeting to you in our subsequent posts.

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11 responses to “Clapham Parish And Their Shepherd’s Saga”

  1. Gabriel says:

    Your stories are just one sided, please your a blogger your just looking for any stories to write about so I won’t blame too tough because your doing it for yourself. But I will just advise you that been a good blogger you need to get the right information from both side those people that bought this information to you may have a hidden agenda, and when you says elders of the church please make it clear that’s is only four people name are rotimi, eretusi, veresimo so called baba oke inlaw so the hate is there from adigun from him already and the last person niyi chairman of all chairman the mouth piece for the gang so every time the Shepherd want to dissolve the committee that’s when they always rage a war at him is so sad because I’m not Nigerian I’m from Ivory Coast and the way I’m seeing this four gang behaviour is so sad, when we ask them for evidences against the shepherd they don’t have it, they keep on talking about 1987 please tell me is that relevant in 2017 please bring out the voice note because I was there on that day and the four people I mention was made to look like a fool because because they don’t have evidence to proof TBH but because I’m not Nigerian I can’t understand everything but is seem like hate towards the shepherd because when veresimo was talking is pure hate towards the shepherd you can sense the jealousy him that’s he was the inlaw of Clapham parish founders and he wasn’t chosen to control the place. I’m always quite in church but this hate need to stop

    • Joseph says:

      Gabriel, what is one sided about the story? You claim to be a member of CCC Clapham Parish and yet you don’t know the atrocities committed by Adigun. May be you are just less than 3 months in UK or you are less than one month in CCC Clapham.

      What proof are you saying the committee did not produce? Were you not there when they produce the cheque that Adigun was using to withdraw money from the account? Where you not there when the elders stopped them from giving information about his numerous girlfriend in the church under the protection of identity law.

      You also claim that only four people are fighting Adigun. You must be dreaming. What about the matron, the patron and other elders. Don’t say what you know.

      You said you are from ivory Coast or where? Maybe that’s why you don’t understand when they are discussing in that church.

      Let us call a spade a spade, Adigun is a chronic fornicator that can do anything for money. Let us continue to pray to God to torch his life and change him for good.

  2. Sis Toyin Salvation parish says:

    What I can say is that playing the recorded event will be too bad from what I saw and had at that meeting my self, please just pick some part only if not people will say celestial is not a church, but I know is a church, just that bad people are more in athourity than good people.
    I love this church, please Alonge for the image of the church and we members I beg u

  3. Adebare says:

    Make una leave dat, no bodi fit spoil this church, na una go spoil, so if any of una Don dip una hand inside shit, make una go ask for forgiveness l. Celestial dey grow dey go, na una fo dey disgraced

  4. Comfort Alabede says:

    Pls put the voice record online and let’s hear them. Let’s hear their dirty acts. I can’t believe they are cautioning uou with curses and don’t want the truth to come out. I have waited for days now to read about this event here, I was there life when they brought a fake lady as alibi but he was asked to go because they discovered she was being planted.

  5. Daniel Kuye says:

    Thanks Isiaka, common sense is not common. I have watched with keen interest and I know that our church has a big problem if these are the elders that we take us to heaven. These are Baba laws in shepherds cloth, they are ogbonis, and are ready to kill anyone who comes their way. You think these people don’t know what they are saying that a lot of you abroad are rogues. Hmmm, may God help.His church.

  6. Jide AKINDELE says:

    May god forgive the source of such evil minds that wants to put a disgrace to the name of celestial and god,by writing such nonsense and false naratives about respectable representatives in celestial. Lies and false tales would NOT get you into the kingdom of heaven but would cause cures upon curses on your generations and children to those would want to be apart of sin.

    • Aderibigbe Isiaka says:

      You are really a fool, in fact a big fool cursing these people. What have they done wrong here? Posting an ordinary news of your various deeds, that curse will be yours. These people are only feeding us news and you are here cursing their generation, fo you have a generation yourself? You these fools folowers of big fool. Is Adigun pure? Can he claim to be saint? Can your Baba Nunayon claim to be saint or can your Pius claim to have no sin? Let’s be logical here, I hate people hurling abusive language on this people who are only doing what I think is right. I am out of here

      • Jide AKINDELE says:

        Please I beg , before you comment to what was said . Read it carefully!! it says ” to those who wants to be part of sin” are our confessing your part of sin? If it dont apply to you don’t comment

      • Temmy says:

        Nobody is a saint.
        Jesus Christ said in John 8:7 (NIV) ” Let any one of you without sin be the first to throw stone at her”
        Also in Matthew 7:1, Jesus Christ said, “Do not judge (others), or you too will be judged.

  7. Tobi bada says:

    Your a disgrace to celestial church of Christ by writing false and negative articles that does not reflect Celestial church in. Positive light at all. You are clearly part of those ty bing distraction to the name of celestial church. may God Forgive you!

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