Close Shots On Baba Oshin…His Remarkable Achievements As Shepherd

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Baba OshinMany people sure know Most Sup. Evang. Taiwo Oshin, one of the elders who worked closely with late founder, SBJ Oshoffa; he is 92 years old but he’s still involved in the affair of the church. Though, as they say, he’s principled. He is a man who believes in telling the truth and making someone cry than telling a lie and making someone smile. Baba Oshin was appointed formally as shepherd of a parish in 1971 when he took over from Leader Ajao (now Ven. Sup. Evangelist at Agidingbi Parish, Lagos) at Ijebu-ode when they were still using shop. When he got to Ijebu-ode there was no physical structure of the church, so when he had the opportunity to secure land, he grabbed it immediately.

In less than four months, he was able to secure an expanse of land, put a structure and arranged harvest thanksgiving service. When Papa Oshoffa heard of this remarkable achievement he came to the harvest to honour him. When Pastor Founder began preaching rain started drizzling, papa told everybody to remain on their seat, that the rain would drizzle for just five minutes. And it came to pass, five minutes after his word, the rain stopped. -Halleluyah. God performed a lot of miracles at ijebu-ode.

The next call of duty was Shagamu at Ajegunle, where he met a very small church that could not meet the standard he wanted. He called on all the sons and daughter of Shagamu descendant in C.C.C to assist him in making a befitting edifice, in a very short time the mission was accomplished! The co-operation he received from Dr. Ogunlesi and his mother were unprecedented and magnanimous. At a point, many people left the upper land to buy lands and build their houses very close to the church.” Ijo mimo so igbo di ilu” Halleluyah! I.e Celestial Church has turned forest unto township.

When the news of God’s work got to the palace of Oba Akarigbo, the Shagamu King, and Baba Oshin known as “Baba leader” was on everybody’s mouth, the Oba’s Kinsmen asked him to embark on a project that people would remember him of. It was on this that open playing ground was converted to Oja-Oba also very close to Ajegunle Church. Sup. Oshin was faced with many challenges but Christ saw him through.

In 1988 he was transferred to Ondo State, Omolore, the little time he spent there, God did many wonderful work through him. He was able to settle the rift among the inland people and the waterside in Ondo state. Halleluyah. And because of the common sense of duties which existed among the Parishe, Omolore School sprouts up. Many spiritual revelations were given to him which we cannot fully explain but are happening today.

His next destination was at Ilorin, although he did not stay long there before he was transferred to Ogun state as State Evangelist, in Ogun State he worked tirelessly to see that the rules and tenets of the church were strictly adhered to. One can boldly say that truly God called him to serve in this great church.

There was full co-operation among all the shepherds and a high degree of discipline was maintained throughout his stay at Ogun State. He was the first O.I.C. Chairman of Ogun State and a mission house was built in his period. Many churches were planted and C.C.C. was held in high esteem by the State Government.

Orin:- Omi legbe oo”

Ijo mimo bori aye

Omi legbe e….

After the demise of Rev. Bada, Rev Ajose came on board, and Papa Oshin was transferred to Lagos State, Rev Ajose had only a very brief instinct in power before he died. Shortly after the demise of Papa Ajose, Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa was transported in and the rest today is history.

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4 responses to “Close Shots On Baba Oshin…His Remarkable Achievements As Shepherd”

  1. Oki Daniele says:

    when the mighty are fallen……….ccc hymn 648

    • Tawakalitu OluwatoPraise OBATULA says:

      March 13, 2017 at 8:33 am
      Hnnnnnn, what an Adage….WHEN THE MIGHTY ARE FALLEN!!!!….WORD FOR DEEP THOUGHT.

      IT IS WELL.

  2. Sup.Evang. Johnson says:

    Nice write up but check to straighten the record, it was Late E.N Zannu that planted CCC grammar School during His tenure in Ondo State in Conjunction with the likes of Late Awonusi R.O, Late Afuye , Baba Shokunbi and Also Principal Adebayo was appointed to Head the said school having all the elders wards made compulsorily to attend the school and it sprang up till date. God Bless you. Baba Oshin worked tirelessy in reuniting shepherds in Ondo environ amd many wonderous work numerous to be mentioned. God Bless you all

  3. Sup Evang segun Oyedele says:

    Infact you people are doing great job with this information and I pray God will empower you more.

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