Code of Conduct: How Many Of These Do You Indulge In?

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We all know what the tenets of the church are. It’s read out to us duringImoleayo Oshin every service but not many of us pay attention to it. Now, score yourself and be truthful about it, how many of these laws do you defile; how many do you keep religiously?

The following is a summary of rules, regulations and tenets of Celestial Church of Christ. Members are forbidden to:

1. Commit adultery or Fornication

2. Drink Alcohol, Wine and Smoke Cigarettes

3. Eat Pork & Crawling Animals (I never saw this in the constitution. Kindly point it out)

4. Merry-go-round at night

5. Wear transparent dress, especially for Sutana while in the Church premises

  1. Wear Red or Black apparel, except for professional reasons
  2. Sit male & female members side by side inside the Church

While in the Church premises, Female members are forbidden to:

  1. Leave their heads uncovered
  2. Paint their lips and nails

While in the Church premises, Male members are forbidden to:

  1. Wear their hair too long
  2. Women NEED to be sanctified by an elder in the Church after 7th day of their monthly cycle

Spiritual Items needed for sanctification are: Soap, Water, Sponge, and a candle stick

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One response to “Code of Conduct: How Many Of These Do You Indulge In?”

  1. Oki Daniele says:

    hmmmmmm…….a oo be ESE re woo ki Iwo to Wole ogo

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